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Browser Support

Your Web Browser

When working in ANGEL you must use the desktop version of one of the following web browsers:

There are mobile versions of these browsers, but they are not supported for use with ANGEL. You may have some success navigating within and displaying some content in ANGEL with a mobile browser, but you will also encounter problems.

The ANGEL login page displays a System Check box that identifies your web browser version and settings.  Please review these settings and make any necessary changes to ensure you meet all the requirements before logging in.

Download Browsers

If you experience problems using one of these browsers, try using another.  Follow these links to download and install a new web browser:

Always use ANGEL's navigation buttons instead of your browser's 'back and forward' buttons.  And be sure to keep ANGEL open in just one browser window.

Disable Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-up blocker applications work in the background while you browse the internet. If a pop-up window is detected it is automatically closed because it is suspected of being an unwanted advertisement. But ANGEL does not contain advertisements. Blocking pop-up windows in ANGEL can prevent many important features from opening, including discussion posts, mail messages and quizzes.

MCC recommends that you disable your pop-up blocker while using ANGEL or add the ANGEL website to your pop-up blocker's "Allowed sites" list.

To disable a pop-up blocker search your list of programs for any with "pop-up" in the name and disable it.

Examples of popular pop-up blocker applications include:

  • Google Toolbar
  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • Pop-up Stopper
  • Pop-up Defender
  • Pop-up Zapper

Pop-up blocking functions are included in some anti-virus, internet security, personal firewall, and browser programs. Disable the relevant settings in the program. Examples include:

  • Norton Internet Security
  • McAfee Security Systems

To add ANGEL to your "Allowed sites" list:

In Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" button, point to "Pop-up Blocker," and then click "Pop-up Blocker Settings." In the "Address of website to allow" box, type the address for ANGEL (angel.mccneb.edu), and then click "Add."

In Mozilla Firefox, click the "Tools" button, and then click "Options." Click on the "Content" tab, and then click on the "Exceptions" button to the right of the "Block pop-up windows" check-box option. In the "Address of web site" box, type the address for ANGEL (angel.mccneb.edu), and then click "Allow."

Virus Protection and Anti-Spyware Software

MCC highly recommends the use of anti-virus and spyware detection tools on all computers. The software and links below are provided as information only. The links direct you to freeware anti-virus and spyware removal tools. MCC does not endorse or support any of these products.

AVG free edition -


Spybot - Search and Destroy -


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