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Films on Demand Streaming Videos

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Films on Demand Streaming Videos, available through Films Media Group, delivers high-quality, educational videos to students and faculty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Special features allow users to utilize interactive transcripts and create playlists to share with others. See Films on Demand Support for more information.

Videos can be shown in a classroom or viewed on any computer/device with Internet access. Off-campus users must log-on with a MCC username/password. If you have created a personal account (see below) you can also log-on with your personal ID and password at http://digital.films.com.

Go to Films on Demand.


A personal account is only needed if you want to create a playlist or organize videos into personalized folders. It is not needed if you simply wish to view videos.

  1. Click on Create Account (upper right)
  2. Complete the form and click on Login

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The default search screen retrieves records containing your search terms within the video titles, descriptions, or the titles/descriptions assigned to segments within each video.

Use Advanced Search (blue link in the upper far right) to perform more focused searches or to limit your search to closed-captioned videos.

You can also click on subject category on the left to view a list of titles available within that category.

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You can view a video by clicking on its title or thumbnail. Click on View segments in this video to watch a part of the video.

Clicking on any of these links takes you to a Video Preview screen containing a description of the video and each of its segments. Select a segment by clicking on its title.

Click on the video screen to play it.

Video player & bit rate: The video player automatically adjusts within a 200K-through-1.5mb-bit-rate range depending on the type of device being used and your available bandwidth. Videos are encoded in H.264 format allowing playback on any iOS device including an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone.

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Shared videos can only be viewed off-campus with a MCC username/password.

Option #1: Email a link to the video by clicking on the Emaillink beneath the video screen. The video will be accessible to both on-campus and off-campus viewers.

Option #2: Add a link to the video on a website or within another document by copying the URL in the Title URL box at the bottom of the screen. In order to allow off-campus access you must use the URL in the Title URL box not the URL in your browser's address box.

Option #3: Click on Embed (beneath the video screen) then copy the URL in the Embed Code (Full Title) box.

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Watch a 2-minute video from Films on Demand

You must be logged on to your personal account in order to create, edit, or share a playlist.

Creating a Playlist

Results screen:
Click on the + (plus) sign beneath the video's thumbnail then add the video to a new or existing playlist.

Video Preview screen:

  1. Click on the + Add to Playlist link beneath the video screen.
  2. Click on Add All Segments (the default selection) to add the entire video or select a specific segment to add only that segment. Press the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple segments.
  3. Add the video or video segment(s) to a new or existing playlist.

Editing a Playlist

Click on Playlists (at the top of the screen) to view a list of your playlists. Then click on Edit Playlist (to the right of the playlist title) to view, delete, or rearrange video segments within that playlist.

Sharing a Playlist

Playlists may only be shared with current MCC students, faculty, and staff.

Option #1: Click on the Email this Playlist (beneath the video window) in the Edit Playlist screen to email a link to the playlist.

Option #2: Provide a link to the Playlist URL (available in the Edit Playlist screen) on a webpage or copy/paste it into other documents. NOTE: In order to allow off-campus access you must use the Playlist URL not the URL in your browser's address bar.

Option #3: Direct users to http://digital.films.com and instruct them to log-on with the Playlist Code (available on the right side of the Edit Playlist screen).

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You must be logged on to your personal account in order to save videos to a Favorites folder.

Adding videos or video segments to a folder

Results screen or Video Preview screen:
Click on the heart-shaped icon beneath the video's thumbnail then add the video a new or existing folder.

By default the entire video will be added to the folder. To add a video segment, select the segment by selecting it on the right side of the Video Preview screen. Then add it to a folder.

Viewing, renaming or deleting a folder

Click on the Favorites link at the top of the screen to view, rename, or delete the contents of a folder.

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