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Computer Life Cycle Management

The Computer Life Cycle Management Plan at the College is an important program to ensure computer resources are updated when needed. The purpose of this web page is to inform employees and their cost center managers when computers in their areas will be replaced.

Over 90% of all new computers purchased each year are placed in areas for direct student use and remain there for the first two years of their five-year life cycle. This ensures students work with the newest computer equipment.

Replacement Plan for Non-Student Use Computers

During the 2012-2013 budget cycle, the plan calls for replacing all systems with MCC numbers below 048383.


Important: If your computer system has been identified for replacement, you DO NOT need to take any further action. If you feel your computer system needs to be replaced prior to these projected dates, you must submit a budget request. Keep in mind that submitting a Budget request does not guarantee its purchase. The PC Matching Group (PCMG) is responsible for determining the best way to fulfill a legitimate need for computer equipment, whether by purchasing new or reallocating existing resources.


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