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Inside Story for Monday, October 10, 2011

Metro Spectrum Alliance presents Out in America

Join Metro Spectrum Alliance, MCC's GLBTQ+Allies group on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. for a showing of Two Cats Production's documentary Out in AmericaOut in America movingly chronicles the hopes, struggles, fears and gratitude of a diverse array of members from the contemporary GLBTQ community. 

The film will be shown at the Fort Omaha Campus in Bldg. 10, Room 110. Contact Amanda Smith at alsmith21@mccneb.edu or (402) 457-7200 x9001 with questions.

Fall Quarter Heart of Metro Nominations Open

Nominations are now being accepted for the Fall quarter Heart of Metro Award.

Criteria for the award:

  • Employees may be full- or part-time
  • Employees must have completed one year of employment or three quarters of teaching
  • Employees are eligible for the award every three years
  • Employee must meet the following criteria addressed in the nomination:
    • Demonstrate a positive attitude
    • Lead change
    • Foster an inclusive workplace
    • Work smart
    • Respect diversity
    • Be service centered

The deadline for nominations is Friday, Nov. 4. Nominations may be submitted by any employee, student or community member. Online nominations may be submitted at www.mccneb.edu/facultyandstaff/awards/heartofmetro.

Recognize a deserving colleague today!

Thieves Targeting Office Victims

The Omaha World-Herald recently reported that thieves have begun targeting office areas. Be vigilant about your work area. Prevention is always cheaper and easier than having to endure the aftermath of being a victim, especially when your identity is stolen. View the article for some great tips on prevention.

Auto Students Need Practice Vehicles

Students in Introduction to Auto Service and Minor Repair are in need of some vehicles for hands-on learning. MCC employees whose cars need basic services such as fluid changes, hoses, belts, tire rotation and balance are encouraged to contact Joe Jerdon at jjerdon@mccneb.edu with the make, model and type of service needed.

Purchases Not Received by Central Stores

When you receive equipment or other items that are not processed through Central Stores, remember to sign, date and write the purchase order number on the applicable packing list and send the paperwork directly to Central Stores for processing. With respect to purchases made with a P Card, the paperwork needs to be included with your monthly P Card reconciliation statement and sent to Accounts Payable.

MCC Building Featured on Omaha by Design QR Code Tour

Omaha by Design has chosen the Connector building at MCC's South Omaha Campus as a designated stop on a tour designated by Quick Response (QR) codes-2-D barcodes designed to be read by smartphones. Learn more about the Connector Building and other stops on the tour by visiting www.exploreomahaobd.com.

Return Intercampus Envelopes to Central Stores

Offices with unwanted intercampus envelopes are encouraged to send them to Central Stores, FOC Bldg. 25 so they can be sent out to offices that are in need of extra envelopes.

Goodwill Drive to Take Old Computers

Have an old working or non­working computer collecting dust? Now is your chance to get rid of it for free. The Goodwill will accept household donations of comput­ers and computer components including CPUs, modems, moni­tors, laptops and printers-working or not. The Goodwill Drive for Drives will be Oct. 15 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the south­west corner of the Crossroads Mall parking lot near 74th and Dodge streets.

All information will be safely wiped clean, and computer equip­ment will be recycled or re­sold in the Goodwill's computer store, GoodBytes at 72nd and F streets.

Training and Development

This week's employee learning opportunities are listed below. To participate in a workshop, you must obtain approval from your supervisor andthen enroll in the workshop(s) using WebAdvisor or calling x8518. Walk-ins are always welcome, though preregistering helps tremendously with program planning. The courses you enroll in are recorded on a progress report that can be beneficial as part of your faculty portfolio or employee annual evaluation. For a complete listing of Training and Development workshops, visit www.mccneb.edu/trdv/workshops.asp.

FERPA Overview
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is something that every institution needs to abide by. At times, there can be misunderstandings about what can and cannot be released. FERPA affects everyone who comes into contact with a student whether it be a Student Services clerk, instructor, administrator or custodian.

We are privileged to have Dr. Christy Horn from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) present an overview of FERPA to MCC staff and faculty. Some of the topics she will address are:

1. What is FERPA?

2. What is directory information?

3. What is non-directory information?

4. Obtaining permission to release information (Authorization to Release Student Information).

Horn will also provide scenarios and examples of how to avoid violating FERPA. Following each presentation, there will be an opportunity for questions. All staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to attend: however, attending an activity during scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Dr. Horn, ADA/504 Compliance Officer and the AA/EEO Officer for UNL

TRDV 114N 01 (synonym 179336)    T              Oct. 11   8:15-9:45 a.m.     EVC Room 114

TRDV 114N 02 (synonym 179337)    T              Oct. 11   10:30 a.m.-noon FOC Bldg. 22 Room 201 E-F

Communication: Listening to Understand
Failures to communicate can often be traced to a breakdown in the complicated physical and mental process known as listening. This program will help you become a more effective communicator by:

  • Demonstrating how complicated and fragile the listening process is
  • Uncovering roadblocks to effective listening
  • Reviewing the six-step process all great listeners employ to ensure comprehension
  • Giving you an opportunity to practice this all-important communication skill

Bring your "brown bag" lunch to this informative workshop.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Best Care EAP Professional Consultant

TRDV 111N 01 (synonym 179056)    T              Oct. 11   Noon-1 p.m.         EVC Room 123

Communication: Speaking to be Understood
"Be sincere; be brief; be seated." Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Because on any given day we discuss so many different topics with so many different people at so many different levels of the organization, it is hard to offer a "recipe" for speaking to be understood that will work 100 percent of the time. That said, this program can help you become a more effective communicator at work and at home by:

  • Showing how not to be afraid of silence (hence, keeping you from communicating before you are ready)
  • Reminding you to always pursue the proper goal of communicating
  • Demonstrating the importance of monitoring your tone of voice
  • Providing tips on leveraging the power of "positive" language

Bring your "brown bag" lunch to this informative workshop.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Best Care EAP Professional Consultant

TRDV 112N 01 (synonym 179057)    TH           Oct. 13   Noon-1 p.m.         EVC Room 123

Business Office 101

Spend an hour with Rich Hanneman, Director of Administrative Management, as he shares business office procedures and policies and why it is important to complete paper work in its entirety. We will focus on purchasing, guidelines, non-reimbursable items, P Cards, vendor payment, employee reimbursements, employee travel, non-employee payments and a little on Central Stores. Your questions are encouraged. In a short amount of time, you will learn how to complete business office forms correctly the first time.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Rich Hanneman, Director of Administrative Management

TRDV 116N 01 (synonym 179370)    TH           Oct. 13   1-2 p.m.                FOC Bldg. 22 Room 201D

Kmail Wins Heart of Metro Award

MCC Math Instructor Zahear Kmail has been chosen as this quarter's Heart of Metro winner. Kmail was nominated by his Calculus students who describe him as enthusiastic, patient and kind. Congratulations!

Ten Outstanding Young Omahans

For the past 78 years, the Omaha Jaycees has presented an award to ten outstanding young Omahans who have exemplified the ideals of their communities and exhibited extraordinary leadership qualities. TOYO honors individuals between the ages of 21 and 40 who show exemplary commitment to improving the community through selfless acts of kindness while excelling in their professional career. Take a moment to nominate someone you know for the TOYO Award today.

Nominations must be submitted by Oct. 10, 2011. To submit a nomination, visit www.omahajaycees.org and complete the online form.

If you have any questions regarding the 79th Annual TOYO Award or the nomination process, contact Nicole Seckman Jilek, Omaha Jaycees TOYO Director, at (402) 392-1250 or njilek@akclaw.com.

Sixth Annual Elkhorn Valley & BEA D7 Film and Media Conference

The Sixth Annual Elkhorn Valley BEA D-7 Film and Media Conference will be held at the Elkhorn Valley Campus on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 14-15. The show features film and media projects from students at MCC, other area colleges and national high schools. Categories of film and media include short film, documentary film, animation, art/experimental film, music video, audio recording and high school broadcast TV. The general public is invited to all viewings. Come celebrate student and amateur filmmaking and support MCC students. For more information, visit the conference schedule page.

Green Homes Tour 2011

MCC will have a booth at this year's Green Home Tour promoting our Urban Farming, Green Living and Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Workshops. The 2011 Green Home Tour will highlight the benefits of sustainable design within both individual homes and the larger community. Showcasing homes in East Omaha, this year's tour focuses on urban redevelopment, walkable neighborhoods and mixed-use design. The expo provides Omaha residents a chance to meet green product vendors and listen to presentations on a range of green topics, including the reEnergize Omaha program. There will also be opportunities to learn about and explore Creighton's numerous sustainable initiatives, including their solar array and wind turbine installations.

The 2011 Green Home Tour begins Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011, at 8:30 a.m. at The Harper Center on the campus of Creighton University.

Weekly Green Tip

If you buy a used vehicle instead of a new one, you'll help save energy as well as more than 2,150 pounds of steel. Nine percent of the energy used by a car over its lifetime is consumed in the manufacturing process. If one in a hundred potential new-car buyers chose to purchase a used car instead, the amount of steel saved annually could reconstruct the Golden Gate Bridge-twice a year. - The Green Book

Metro Reads! Food Rules

Rule #47: ""Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored." p. 105

HR Updates

New Employees

Rita Eyerly             Administrative Assistant to the President       FOC Bldg. 30         (402) 457-2203

Holly Wagenblast    Financial Aid Specialist                                SOC CON               (402) 738-4503


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Melissa Gray            10/7/11

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