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Inside Story for Monday, October 03, 2011

SOC Area Blockages for Binational Health Week Health Fair

During the Health Fair on Oct. 8, areas of the Mahoney Building and surrounding parking lots will be blocked off to service the needs of the Health Fair and its participants. Here are the affected areas:

  • Mahoney Building classrooms 402-405 will need to use the north exit; the hallway and exit south of room 405 will be blocked off.
  • The south side back entrance to the Mahoney Building will be blocked; enter from the east instead.
  • Parking in the back of the Mahoney Building will be restricted to loading and unloading for participating Health Fair agencies; no students or staff should park here.
  • The east side of the Mahoney Building parking lot in the front of the campus will be roped off for the Omaha Fire Department's Smoke Trailer that will demonstrate fire safety for children. Campus police will assist with parking on the day of the Health Fair.

MCC is expecting more than 500 participants to the Health Fair. Please note that this may increase the noise level as well as traffic in the commons area and hallways. It is recommended that non-Health Fair individuals use the entrance closest to the automotive shop or the entrance by the northeast corner. For more information, contact Fedra Dávila Iniesta at the Mexican Consulate, (402) 595-1844.

MCC Hosting Regional Conference for Postsecondary Technical Educators

The American Technical Education Association's (ATEA) mission is to serve as the premier provider of professional development for postsecondary technical education. 

MCC Applied Technology faculty will be hosting the ATEA 2011 Region 5 Bridging the Future of Technical Education Conference consisting of community college faculty from Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming this Thursday-Friday, Oct. 6-7.

This year's conference will begin with providing behind-the-scenes tours of the technical aspects of CenturyLink, TD Ameritrade and Lauritzen Gardens on Thursday afternoon. The evening banquet keynote speaker will be Aaron Davis, a member of the 1994 National Championship Nebraska football team. He will be addressing how to perform like a champion based upon his personal experiences. 

Technical educational sessions will be held Friday, Oct. 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will include:

  • Auto Collision-Waterborne Paint and Technology Semina
  • Automotive-OPPD Electric Chevy Volt; MUD CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Conversion for Transportation-EVWorld Online Publication
  • Construction Technology-Kiewit Building Group Construction Site Tour
  • MCC Culinary Arts/Horticulture-FOC ICA/Horticulture Areas
  • Diesel/Truck Driving-Omaha Training Center Location with Advisory Panel; MEG Corp Bio Diesel; Empower Systems Hybrid Class 8 Trucks
  • Health Careers-Electronic Health Records:  Interactive Patient Simulations; Clinical Simulations/ Medical Emergencies Simulation
  • HVAC-Thermal District Heating and Cooling Energy Systems
  • Manufacturing/Welding-Valmont Industries tour
  • Sustainable Energy-Weatherization Training Lab and FOC Solar Courses

Details of these sessions can be found at www.ateaonline.org/2011Reg5.

Faculty and staff are welcome to attend at no charge. If you are interested, please contact Geri Scribner at gscribner@mccneb.edu or (402) 738-4522 by end of day on Wednesday, Oct. 5. 

Metro Spectrum Alliance presents Out in America

Please join Metro Spectrum Alliance, MCC's GLBTQ+Allies group on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 6:00 p.m. for a showing of Two Cats Production's documentary Out in AmericaOut in America movingly chronicles the hopes, struggles, fears and gratitude of a diverse array of members from the contemporary GLBTQ community. 

The film will be shown at the Fort Omaha Campus in Bldg. 10, Room 110. Please contact Amanda Smith at alsmith21@mccneb.edu or (402) 457-7200 x9001 with questions.

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather will be here soon.  As a reminder, staff are responsible for checking one of the alternatives to see if the College or individual campuses/centers are closed. Those include:

  • College website - www.mccneb.edu
  • College Weather Line - (402) 457-2499
  • Your individual College email inbox
  • Your individual College voicemail box
  • Local radio and television stations

In addition, all student email inboxes will receive notification.

Additional detailed information is available in the Inclement Weather Procedures Memorandum found at www.mccneb.edu/procedures/X-1_Inclement_Weather.pdf.

If you have questions, please ask your supervisor.

New Standards of Academic Progress

MCC's goal is to encourage satisfactory progress throughout the quarters of each student's academic journey. The College's academic progress policy establishes specific standards that must be met by all students enrolled in credit courses at the College. Beginning in 2011 Fall quarter, the College will utilize new standards of academic progress. To review the new policy, visit www.mccneb.edu/catalog/academicinformation.asp.

If a student is not making academic progress, the College may limit enrollment and course selection, if considered necessary. If a student is on probation after an academic suspension or dismissal, the College may establish other special conditions under which the student may enroll, including regular meetings with counselors and advisors, enrollment in developmental courses, participation in career development activities and completion of assessment tests.

Questions? Call (402) 457-2400 to connect with an academic advisor or counselor.

NOTE: Students receiving financial aid also must comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Recipients. For more information, check with a financial aid office or see the Financial Aid section in the College catalog.

Drug Free Schools Information

In compliance with the 1989 amendments to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, as articulated in the U.S. Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR), Part 86, all institutions of higher education are required to participate in drug and alcohol abuse prevention awareness programs. MCC is required to be in compliance with the Act and as such the attached documents are provided to all staff and students. View the linked documents for more information.

Safety Wire

Are you hungry for more safety and health information?  I thought so!  MCC now has a webpage for Workplace Safety and Health. Please take a look by utilizing the following link:


From the MCC homepage, the webpage can be accessed through the MCC Department & Staff Resources link under Staff Resources. More information will be added as we progress, enabling this to be our informational hub. The Hot Topic will be changed periodically, and the Quarterly Tip will be updated accordingly.  Several navigation links have been included that connect to more information. Finally, there is a link to submit suggestions or concerns.

I hope you enjoy and utilize this resource moving forward.


Jerome Patten

(402) 457-2508


Questions About the Non-Standard Software Installation Process

Non-standard software is defined as any software not listed on the Standard Software Load website. If an office requires that non-standard software be installed on a College-owned computer, it is necessary to submit the Non-Standard Software Installation Request Form. If the College needs to purchase the software before installation, complete the New Software Purchase and Install Form. This helps the College remain within the limits of the law and save money by issuing multiple-user licenses.

Why do I need to complete the Non-Standard Software Installation Request Form more than once?

  • The requested software is not on the College's standard software list and
  • The software has been installed on your computer for more than one year and
  • Your computer is being replaced due to the College's computer lifecycle plan or
  • Your computer needs to be reimaged, replaced (hardware failure) or the hard drive needs to be replaced.

Again, why have I been asked to do it, even though I did it years ago?

  • Allows the College to manage unused or inappropriately assigned software to departments/staff who have a need for the software
  • Allows expensive software to be utilized more efficiently and effectively
  • Provides accurate licensing information

Helps the College remain within the limits of the law

Training and Development

Participate in these workshops to enhance your job performance and meet other MCC employees. Upcoming offerings are:

Using Organizational Skills to Reduce Stress

Course objectives:

  • Understand the effects of stress and how to handle it
  • Organize the flow of information
  • Organize your desk, schedule, and tasks
  • Create a prioritized list
  • Manage projects
  • Set boundaries for yourself
  • Be more productive

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Marita Hahn, MCC adjunct

TRDV 051N 01 (synonym 179008) W Oct. 5 1-2 p.m. FOC Bldg. 21 Room 102

Improving Your Writing Skills

Course objectives:

  • Analyze how you write and what you write
  • Know when to use an outline
  • Create sentences that are complete and correctly punctuated
  • Create paragraphs that center on a topic sentence
  • Write paragraphs that flow sequentially
  • Proofread your work
  • Avoid common errors
  • Find answers to questions you have about writing

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Marita Hahn, MCC adjunct

TRDV 052N 01 (synonym 179009) W Oct. 5 2:30-3:30 p.m. FOC Bldg. 21 Room 102

Netiquette and Social Media Communication

The purpose of this workshop is to instruct faculty and staff on proper internet communication strategies. Instruction includes several ways to improve online written communication, including:

  • How to utilize proper email etiquette, including appropriate introduction, body and closures of email messages
  • Avoiding misinterpretation of online communication
  • Ways to properly utilize social media, such as Facebook or blogs, to build professional platform

Participation in this workshop will help you to improve all forms of written electronic communication.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Elizabeth Mack, freelance writer and MCC and UNO adjunct

TRDV 106N 01 (synonym 179027)  F  Oct. 7 10:30-noon EVC Room 106

Writing for Publication 

The purpose of this workshop is to instruct faculty and staff on how to shepherd a writing project through the publication process. All phases of the publishing process will be covered, including:

  • How to generate publishable ideas
  • How to target appropriate markets
  • Finding academic journals in your discipline
  • How to package and submit articles for optimum results

Join instructor Elizabeth Mack as she teaches us how to submit our written work for publication.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Elizabeth Mack, freelance writer and MCC and UNO adjunct

TRDV 107N 01 (synonym 179028)  F  Oct. 7 1-3 p.m. EVC Room 150B

FERPA Overview

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is something that every institution needs to abide by and, at times, there can be misunderstandings about what can and cannot be released. FERPA affects everyone that comes into contact with a student, whether it be a Student Services clerk, an instructor, an administrator or custodian.

We are privileged to have Dr. Christy Horn from the University of Nebraska present an overview of FERPA to MCC staff and faculty. Some of the topics she will address are:

1. What is FERPA?

2. What is directory information?

3. What is non-directory information?

4. Obtaining permission to release information (Authorization to Release Student Information)

She will also provide scenarios and examples of how to avoid violating FERPA. Following each presentation, there will be an opportunity for questions.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Dr. Horn, ADA/504 Compliance Officer and the AA/EEO Officer for UNL

TRDV 114N 01 (synonym 179336) T Oct. 11 l 8:15-9:45 a.m. EVC Room 114

TRDV 114N 02 (synonym 179337) T Oct. 11 l 10:30-noon l FOC ICA Room 201 E-F

Communication: Listening to Understand

Failures to communicate can often be traced to a breakdown in the complicated physical and mental process known as listening. This program will help you become a more effective communicator by:

  • Demonstrating how complicated and fragile the listening process is
  • Uncovering roadblocks to effective listening
  • Reviewing the six-step process all great listeners employ to ensure comprehension
  • Giving you an opportunity to practice this all-important communication skill

Bring your "brown bag" lunch to this informative workshop.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Best Care EAP Professional Consultant

TRDV 111N 01 (synonym 179056) T Oct. 11 noon-1p.m. EVC Room 123

Training and Development Offers Training in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 is an incredible tool that can be utilized collegewide to manage projects, calendars, workflows, lists, contacts, tasks and so much more.  It is a collaborative tool that can be used by individuals, teams, groups and entire departments.  The training has been restructured to include training for those who just need to use or access information on SharePoint sites and more detailed modularized training for those who need to develop/design SharePoint sites and content.  We are also able to offer custom training for those needing more one-on-one training for specific project areas.

Using SharePoint 2010

Learn to use SharePoint 2010 in this introduction to the latest version of SharePoint.  Participants will become familiar with the SharePoint interface, how to create and delete alerts, upload and download documents and other files and learn to use calendars in SharePoint.

  • Getting familiar with the SharePoint interface
    • Site actions
    • Site hierarchy (breadcrumbs)
    • Right side navigation
    • Viewing site content
  • Create and delete alerts
  • Upload and download documents
  • Use calendars
  • List of most utilized SharePoint sites at MCC
  • Options for additional SharePoint training

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Ruthanne Grimsley, MCC adjunct

TRDV 121N 02 (synonym 179666) M Oct. 10 1-4 p.m. SRP Room 225

Working with Document Libraries

Almost every SharePoint site includes at least one document library. This module will teach participants to create, modify and delete document libraries and all the tasks associated with document libraries.

  • Creating document library
  • Adding, editing and removing documents
  • Organizing Items with folders
  • Working with documents
    • Uploading single and multiple documents
    • Document check in and out
  • Document library templates
    • Creating templates
    • Customizing template

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Ruthanne Grimsley, MCC adjunct

TRDV 123N 01 (synonym 179667) M Oct. 24 1-4 p.m. SRP Room 225

Working with Lists

Almost every SharePoint site includes at least one List.  This module will explore various types of lists including Contacts, Links and Task Lists.  Participants will learn to create, modify and delete various types of lists and all the items associated with them.

  • Creating lists
    • Announcements
    • Links
    • Calendar
    • Contents
    • Tasks
    • Discussion boards
  • Adding, editing and deleting list items
  • Organizing Items with folders
  • Working with list columns
  • Using list and column validation rules
  • Sorting and filtering lists

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Ruthanne Grimsley, MCC adjunct

TRDV 124N 01 (synonym 179671) M Nov. 7  1-4 p.m. SRP Room 225

Calendar Lists
This module deals specifically with calendars and their integration with Microsoft Outlook.  Participants will learn to create calendars; change calendar views; add, edit and delete calendar items; schedule meetings; and track attendance.  Attendees will learn to link SharePoint shared calendars with Outlook.

  • Creating calendar lists
  • Changing calendar views
  • Connecting a calendar list to Outlook
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Tracking attendance

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Ruthanne Grimsley, MCC adjunct

TRDV 125N 01 (synonym 179673) M Nov. 21 1-4 p.m. SRP Room 225

MCC Administrator Honored

Maria Vazquez, Associate Vice President for Campuses and Student Affairs, has been named Latina of the Year by the Barrientos Scholarship Foundation Board.  Various Latino/a leaders are annually honored for their commitment to the community and Latino/a youth that aspire to attend college.

Formal recognition of this achievement will be held at the 7th Annual Latino Heritage Awards Banquet on Oct. 13, 2011. 

Gold Star Mother/MCC Instructor Celebrates Sonís Life

Barbara Brodsky, MCC instructor, joined numerous other Omahans for the 9/11 Ceremony in Memorial Park. Brodsky is member of Gold Star Mothers, a group of mothers who have lost a son or a daughter in while serving in the armed forces. Brodsky's son, Captain Robert Yllescas, passed away three years ago at age 31 after sustaining critical injuries in Afghanistan. Yllescas had previously served two tours of duty in Iraq.

As part of her involvement in Gold Star Mothers, Brodsky was invited to a Mother's Day Tea at the White House where she met First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.

Captain Robert Yllescas pictured at right.

MCC Employee Receives Nebraska GOP Award

Jan Huff, AIMS Data Entry Clerk at the Fort Omaha Campus, recently won two prestigious awards for volunteering time and effort. The first award was from the Sarpy County GOP and the second award was from the Nebraska 2nd District GOP.

The first award was the Sarpy County Nebraska GOP volunteer of the year award for 2010. This award was presented to Huff by Nebraska 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry.

The second award was the Nebraska 2nd District GOP volunteer of the year award for 2010. This award was presented Sept. 16, 2011 by Governor Dave Heineman.

Ten Outstanding Young Omahans

For the past 78 years, the Omaha Jaycees has presented an award to ten outstanding young Omahans who have exemplified the ideals of their communities and exhibited extraordinary leadership qualities. TOYO honors individuals between the ages of 21 and 40 who show exemplary commitment to improving the community through selfless acts of kindness while excelling in their professional career. Take a moment to nominate someone you know for the TOYO Award today.

Nominations must be submitted by Oct. 10, 2011. To submit a nomination, visit www.omahajaycees.org and complete the online form.

If you have any questions regarding the 79th Annual TOYO Award or the nomination process, contact Nicole Seckman Jilek, Omaha Jaycees TOYO Director at (402) 392-1250 or njilek@akclaw.com.

Omaha Table Talk Signature Event

The Omaha Table Talk Signature Event is scheduled for Oct. 20, 2011. Omaha Table Talk is a local, nonprofit organization promoting an open dialogue about race and ethnicity. Over dinner, participants will have the opportunity to discuss differences and similarities, develop new friendships and appreciate the gifts we each bring to the table. All discussions are facilitated by Omaha Table Talk volunteers.

MCC is pleased to participate in this city-wide event as a host site at three of our campus locations.

The event is free to all participants. For more information and to register online, MCC employees can visit www.omahatabletalk.com. Registration ends Oct. 3, 2011.

MCC Celebrates Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month

Metropolitan Community College will offer a number of cultural events from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 in celebration of Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month, including events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

See a complete listing of Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month events.

Weekly Green Tip

Use a ceramic mug for your coffee. Americans use more than fourteen billion paper cups every year, enough to circle the world fifty-five times. The Styrofoam kind will stay on the planet for nine generations, enough time for your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandkids to be born. - The Green Book

Metro Reads! Food Rules

Rule #9: "Avoid food products with the word "lite" or the terms "low-fat" or "nonfat" in their names." p.21

HR Updates

New Employees

Monte Lindsey     Veteran Services Specialist      SOC CON                 (402) 738-4619

Separations                           Last Day

Gordon Bennett                        9/23/11

Brenda Porter                           9/30/11



Victoria Alapo                                                      FOC Bldg. 10

Juli Bohnenkamp                                                  FOC Bldg. 10

Elizabeth Brewer                                                  FOC Bldg. 10

Phyllis Brown                                                       FOC Bldg. 10

Richard Carter                                                     FOC Bldg. 10

Daphne Cook         Director of Student Services     FOC Bldg. 10           (402) 457-2808

Jahnie Dees                                                         FOC Bldg. 10

Sam Dickson                                                       FOC Bldg. 10

Bob Dresser                                                        FOC Bldg. 10

Helen Fountain                                                    FOC Bldg. 10

Tanis Herbert                                                      FOC Bldg. 10

Darin Jensen                                                       FOC Bldg. 10

Dawn Naumann                                                   FOC Bldg. 10

Jerome Patten                                                     FOC Bldg. 20

Rayka Rush                                                        FOC Bldg. 10

Joy Schulz                                                          FOC Bldg. 10

Kym Snelling                                                      FOC Bldg. 10

Tammy Tyson                                                     FOC Bldg. 10

Mary Umberger                                                   FOC Bldg. 10

Cheryl Vossberg                                                 FOC Bldg. 10

Jennifer Rose                                                     FOC Bldg. 10                (402) 457-2461

Daniel Sanders                                                   SOC MHY                     (402) 738-4647

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