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Inside Story for Tuesday, September 06, 2011

MCC Real Estate Courses to Be Offered Online

MCC's Business Department is pleased to announce the Real Estate Principles course (REES 1000) has been approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission and certified by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials for online delivery. Daryl Hansen, Dean of Business, indicated this is an exciting development as MCC is the only academic institution in Nebraska providing online real estate courses. Students seeking their real estate license in Nebraska now have an opportunity to not only take a course online but to also receive college credit for the class.

MCC's Business Department appreciates adjunct faculty members Charles B. Garman (Recoupment Counsel for Fidelity National Title Group) and Dean Uhing (Project Manager for HOMEBUILDERS,LLC, Prudential Ambassador Real Estate) who completed required training through the International Distance Education Certification Center becoming certified distance education instructors qualified to teach online real estate courses.

Real Estate Law (REES 1100) is currently being developed as a future online offering. Once this course is approved, future Nebraska real estate agents will be able to fulfill their entire educational requirements affordably online through MCC. For those students interested in entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry, these courses are included in the Real Estate Entrepreneurship Specialist Diploma.

Building the MCC Brand

The Office of Public Affairs' mission is to assist the College in meeting its goals through comprehensive and strategic marketing and public relations efforts. We work to build and maintain the College brand and promote the College's departments, internally and externally, through our work. Here are some everyday tips on helping keep the College brand strong and consistent:

  • Metropolitan Community College has grown considerably in many ways since the days of "Metro Tech." To convey who we are now, use MCC in all printed/written materials when abbreviating the full name (rather than using "Metro").
  • Our logo is a huge part of our identity, and it should never be altered in shape, proportion or contents. To get a logo in color and/or black and white, call (402) 457-2414 with your need and specifications, and a logo will be emailed to you shortly.
  • While every writer has his/her own style, every institution has one voice. To help keep MCC's voice, spelling and grammar consistent, utilize the online style guide maintained by the Office of Public Affairs.

To contact the Office of Public Affairs, call (402) 457-2414.

New Metro Reads! Book Selection: Food Rules by Michael Pollan

While the wafting aromas of fast food burgers and the convenience of drive-thru windows may try to convince you that food rules, your bathroom scale and clogged arteries will likely implore you to reconsider. In Food Rules: An Eater's Manual, the new Metro Reads! 2011-12 Book Selection, author Michael Pollan lays out 64 straightforward and witty food rules to help readers eat simply, healthily and wisely. Learn why, for example, "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car." Pick up your copy of this indispensible, pocket-size handbook today at any MCC bookstore.

MCCF Inspiring Innovation Grants for MCC Faculty/Staff

The Metropolitan Community College Foundation (MCCF) is providing a new opportunity for MCC faculty and staff: MCCF will be requesting proposals for Inspiring Innovation mini-grants, seeking innovative solutions for priority College challenges. The mini-grant competition will be open to all MCC staff and faculty-full-time, part-time and adjunct. Requests for proposals will seek innovative projects with mission-driven, student-focused outcomes related to 1) instruction and learning or 2) services and support. Grant awards will range from $500 to $3,000, with an application process designed to be welcoming to those new to grant development.

To be eligible to apply for the mini-grants, staff and faculty must first participate in one three-hour, hands-on grant development workshop. The grant workshop will be held twice, with the first session set for Sept. 23, 9 a.m.-noon, in Room 212 at the Sarpy Center. The second session will be Sept. 30, 9 a.m.-noon in Room 153 at the Elkhorn Valley Campus. Participants will leave the workshop with a grant application form and the know-how to build a competitive proposal. Proposals will be due Dec. 1, with Dec. 22 grant award announcements and Jan. 1, 2012, project start dates. For more information on the mini-grants and the grant workshops, contact the MCC Development Office at grants@mccneb.edu.

Marketing Protocol for Projects

MCC's Marketing and Public Relations (MPR) department, a part of Public Affairs, is here as a tool to assist other departments in creating marketing and public relations plans and collateral materials that help execute the College's strategic plan, as well as convey specific department messages and services.

To better help MCC staff with their marketing needs, see MPR's guidelines for initiating and average timelines for completing projects (below). These timelines are based on typical turnarounds with one-person project leads from the requesting department obtaining all appropriate approvals at the proper stages.

Initiating a Project
When requesting a marketing project, provide the following information:

  • Fund, location, cost center, cost center manager and department paying for the project
  • Quantity needed (if this changes at some point in the production process, MPR must be notified because the print quote will need to be modified, which will take 1-3 days)
  • Copy (preferred version is electronic in Microsoft Word without tables)
  • Concept ideas (optional)
  • 4-5 adjectives describing the tone of the project (e.g., bold, fun, serious)
  • Deadline
  • Budget (if known)
  • Mailing list (if applicable, provide in Microsoft Access or Excel) - mailing lists must be NCOA certified through MIS
  • Notification if the project must be able to be printed on campus

Average Timelines
The majority of projects (flyers, signs, tri-fold brochures, postcards, invitations, posters) require two weeks for production after copy is received, one week for communication with the client and revisions and the appropriate print and mailing times as noted below. This time period may take longer depending on the scope and quantity of changes; it is important to have accurate copy and information at the start of a project.

Larger projects or those requiring purchases from outside vendors require special timelines. These projects include large brochures; booklets; print, radio and web ads; T-shirts; and multi-piece projects. Contact us for details, specialized timelines and cost estimates for these types of projects.

Printing on campus
Allow 2-3 work days for printing at Duplicating. If you want paper other than standard copier paper (20 lb. text white bond), you must provide it or arrange a fund transfer with MPR for the department's specialty stock. Note that MPR does not maintain large quantities or selections of specialty papers.

Printing off campus
Allow 1-3 weeks for printing at an outside printer, depending on the scope and size of the project. Outside printers are selected through a quotation process with a minimum of three vendors; this process is handled by MPR.

Allow 2-3 days for an outside printer to inkjet mailing information. Mailing lists must come as an Access document or Excel spreadsheet and be NCOA certified. The list must be ready when the final draft of a project is approved. It is the responsibility of the department ordering the piece to provide a print-ready spreadsheet.

Allow 1-2 days for a first-class piece to arrive at its destination after being mailed. If you would like your piece to be mailed first-class, you must provide a check for the amount of postage for the printer before the piece is mailed.

Allow 3-5 days for a piece using the standard pre-sort nonprofit permit to arrive at its destination after being mailed. Pieces may arrive earlier than this depending on their destination. Bob Barnes should be notified of the number and type of pieces that will mailed out through the permit so sufficient funds will be in the permit. To mail with the permit, a minimum of 250 pieces must go out at one time.

Allow 3-5 days for a piece sent at a flat rate. Flat rates cover all pieces that use large envelopes or pieces with one dimension greater than 6.125" high, 11.5" long or 0.25" thick.

MPR is here to support the College and departments within it. If you have any questions, call (402) 457-2414.

New Process for Student Enrollment Verification Requests

Records would like to announce that, beginning with the 2011 Fall quarter, most enrollment verification requests (proof of enrollment) will be processed electronically through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).

The NSC is a nonprofit organization that services schools and employers by providing verification of degree and enrollment status. 

This service allows instant 24/7 confirmation of enrollment and degree verification requests from health and auto insurers, employers and employment agencies, credit grantors, travel companies, computer hardware and software vendors and other organizations.

Additional information for students and staff will be distributed

Training and Development

The Fall quarter Training & Development schedule is posted to www.mccneb.edu/trdv/workshops.asp. Take a look at the many opportunities to increase your skills and knowledge, meet and network with colleagues and visit other campuses/centers. All workshops are registration-ready. Choose the offerings that interest you, obtain approval to attend from your supervisor and then enroll via WebAdvisor or by calling Central Registration at (402) 457-5231. Continue to check the website regularly for additional offerings. Coming soon: online training, supervisory series, SharePoint 2010 and Leading at MCC.

Departmental Customized Training

Training can be customized to meet the specific needs of your team and scheduled when and where it is convenient for your team to meet.

Contact Marilyn Cotten at (402) 457-2507 or mcotten@mccneb.edu to schedule a customized training workshop or to answer any questions regarding training and development.

Wellness Programs Offered for Full-Time and Part-Time Employees

Last year, MCC faculty and staff took advantage of various online wellness activities offered by the Educators Health Alliance (EHA) Wellness Program supported by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska. In the coming weeks, the EHA Wellness Program will begin promoting the new online education programs for 2011-12, focusing on different aspects of your health. The free, bi-monthly programs are strictly voluntary and intended to help MCC's employees lead healthier, more productive lives. 

MCC is pleased to announce that part-time employees are eligible to participate in the EHA Wellness Program this year. Interested part-time temporary employees and adjunct faculty may email Julie Nohrenberg in Human Resources, jnohrenberg@mccneb.edu to enroll.

The online EHA Wellness Programs are based on simple solutions you can incorporate into your everyday life. And it's easy! All full-time and part-time regular employees (as well as adjunct faculty and part-time temporary staff members who choose to enroll by emailing Julie), will receive an email each month from the EHA Wellness Team inviting you to participate. Simply follow the link if you elect to participate in that month's online program. If you complete the monthly program, your name is entered in a gift card prize drawing. (Note: If at any time you no longer wish to receive EHA Wellness Program emails, simply email info@ehawellnessprogram.org and ask for your name to be removed.)

This year's EHA Wellness Programs include:

October 2011: Healthy Dinner Club

December 2011:         Flab on Fire

February 2012:            Laughter, the Best Medicine

April 2012:      Ironman Hawaii Fitness Challenge

June 2012:       Skin You're In

August 2012:   Train Your Brain

Questions? Contact info@ehawellnessprogram.org or check out the EHA Wellness Newsletter.

Day of Remembrance Military Appreciation Event

MCC will host a Day of Remembrance event to show appreciation for our military and veterans. Join us Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, at the South Omaha Campus Conference Room from 1 to 3 p.m. Sponsored by the MCC's Service-Learning Office and Office of Military and Veterans Support Services. Free and open to the public; military attire welcome.

Fair to Promote Student Clubs and Organizations

Are you a faculty/staff advisor of a student organization? Sign up for MCC's Student Organization Fair to get the word out about your organization and attract new members. Student Affairs is hosting the fair at MCC locations in September to offer organizations the opportunity to promote their group, provide information and visit with potential student members. Your participation will help highlight the variety of opportunities and activities MCC offers to students.

The dates of the fair are:

  • Elkhorn Valley Campus - Tuesday, Sept. 13, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Fort Omaha Campus, Bldg. 10 - Wednesday, Sept. 14, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • South Omaha Campus, Connector - Thursday, Sept. 15, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

To reserve a spot for your student organization, contact Deanne at damato@mccneb.edu or (402) 457-2522 or Diana at dkerwin@mccneb.edu or (402) 289-1416.

Transportation Planning Meeting

The city of Omaha is updating its Transportation Master Plan and is seeking public comment on what the plan's top priorities should be. Transportation planning affects everyone living in the Omaha metro. To have a voice in the city's transportation priorities, attend the following public meeting:

Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
UNO Scott Conference Center (6450 Pine St.)

Since parking at the Scott Conference Center can be scarce, Metro city buses will chauffer people from Westroads and Crossroads Malls. At Westroads, the special bus will depart from Dick's Sporting Goods at 5:40 p.m. At Crossroads, it will leave from the northwest parking garage at 5:50 p.m. The bus will return you to the mall after the meeting ends. The fare is only $1 each way.

There will also be organized bicycle rides to the meeting.

For more information about the meeting, see:

Or contact Curtis Bryant at (402) 457-2853 or cebryant@mccneb.edu.

Surprise Visit to MCC

MCC Medical Assisting Program Director Dona Marotta received a surprise visit from her son Don on Thursday, Sept. 1. Don had just returned from Afghanistan as a member of the Army Special Ops.

Weekly Green Tip

Buy block cheese instead of presliced individually wrapped servings. The energy used to make the plastic wrappers for slices of American cheese amounts to the equivalent of more than 13.8 million gallons of gasoline per year-enough for the entire population of Milwaukee to carpool out west to visit the happy cows of California. - The Green Book

Metro Reads! Food Rules

Rule #13: "Eat only foods that will eventually rot." p. 29

HR Updates


Stewart Brewer     History Instructor     Sarpy     402-537-3882

Arthur Brown II     Information Technology Instructor     FOC Bldg. 8     402-457-2322

Catherine Brunkhorst     Mathematics Instructor     FOC Bldg. 10     402-457-2423

Anne Burton     Art Instructor     EVC     402-289-1288

Laura Chambers     Humanities Instructor     SOC CON     402-738-4711

Ralph "RC" Hoover     English Instructor     EVC     402-289-1351

Joseph Sherwin     Physics Instructor     SOC MHY     402-738-4013

Dona Marotta     Medical Assisting Program Director/Instructor     SOC MHY     402-738-4713

Guillermo Rosas     Information Technology Instructor     FOC Bldg. 08     402-457-2384

Joy Schulz     History Instructor     FOC Bldg. 05     402-457-2836

Jacqueline Scoones     English Instructor     EVC     402-289-1368

Dustin Waderich     Mathematics Instructor     FOC Bldg. 10     402-457-2396


Mary Bennett          FOC Bldg. 10     402-457-2671

Liliana Cox (new name)     Liliana Petersen

Adam Dienst-Scott     Photography Instructor     EVC     402-289-1285

Jennifer Doorlag          Sarpy     402-537-3829

Dallas Jurisevic          EVC     402-289-1289

Rachel Neurath          EVC     402-289-1349


Pauline Fouraker     9/2/11

Aimee Haugan     9/2/11

Helen Tanderup     8/31/11

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