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Inside Story for Monday, March 07, 2011

Mission Achievement Plan: Why Your Input Matters

As an employee, you have unique insights to share with your cost center manager on what priorities and budget items should be considered in MCC's 2011-12 fiscal year mission achievement plan (MAP). Budget requests will primarily be entered during the month of April so convey your ideas sooner rather than later.

What It Is, Part 1: Your Cost Center and the MAP
MCC's MAP is comprised of several planning documents, including foundational statements (mission statement, overall strategies and primary priorities), the executive summary MAP, area and cost center MAPs, the Facilities Master Plan and the budget.

The most 'local' MAP is the cost center MAP. Each cost center manager updates a mission achievement plan for each of their general fund cost centers (cost center MAP) every year. As each cost center's MAP is completed or updated, the cost center manager should involve those within the cost center in the process. Employee involvement in what is documented for things such as the understanding of the cost center's mission, what will advance mission achievement and what has been achieved in the current year, is desirable. This level of MAP also provides summary financial information to show resources used in the current and prior years and what had been requested in the current budget and has been requested 'so far' for next year's budget.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more about the other parts of MCC's mission achievement plan.

Employees can view all levels of MAPs online. The link to area and cost center MAPs is www.mccneb.edu/accmap. Note that the area and cost center MAPs were often labeled budget presentation forms or budget presentation reports in the past.

New Group Seeks to Connect MCC's Emerging Leaders

MCC is in the process of establishing a networking group for MCC's emerging leaders. The group, which has been formulated through Collegewide networking efforts, aims to provide future MCC leaders with opportunities to connect with each other and the larger MCC community, while at the same time building leadership skills and professionalism.

At a visioning meeting facilitated by Sarah Johnson from the Greater Omaha Chamber's Young Professionals Council, participants determined they would like to promote existing MCC activities in addition to providing new opportunities for MCC's emerging leaders to network with each other. As part of moving this venture forward, we're looking for ideas regarding what to call the group. A survey has been developed in order to gauge employee interests and further establish the group's function and purpose. If you would like to submit a name idea or provide feedback regarding events and activities, take the survey. For more information, contact Shannon Snow at smsnow@mccneb.edu.

Survey Link: www.quia.com/sv/509310.html

How to Access the MCC Guest Wireless Network

Starting on March 3, you will be required to use your MCC username and password to connect to the wireless networks at all MCC locations. This includes the MCC_Guest wireless network.

MCC_Guest allows access to the Internet from personal computing devices. This connection is isolated from other networks on campus and is protected with a firewall. This network does not utilize encryption between the wireless access point and the end user.

Follow these steps to access the wireless network:

  1. Open Wireless Network Connections.
  2. Select MCC_Guest wireless network, then click the Connect button.     
  3. Open up a web browser. If you received the Security Alert box with the message "You are about to view pages over a secure connection," click the OK button.
  4. You are now at the login page. Enter your MCC username and password and click the Submit button.
  5. Your web browser will now go to MCC's home page. You have successfully logged onto the MCC_Guest Wireless Network.

Why Do I Need to Fill Out a PCMG Request Form for a Computer When One Is Already There?

When an employee leaves the College or transfers into another MCC department/location, a Technology Deactivation Form (TDF) is completed by the employee's supervisor or cost center manager. One of the steps taken with a TDF is to remove the former employee's computer. Many wonder why this is done, especially when the supervisor plans on hiring another person to fill the vacant position.

ITS removes the computer for several reasons:

  • College computers are cleaned and prepared for their new owner. Due to security and privacy requirements, data is removed from the computers.
  • The software loaded on the computer is removed and a fresh software load is installed. Also, we check to see if there is any non-standard software installed on the computer and if so, determine if there is a current license for it. If the license is current, we check to see if the software has an upgrade available. If so, it is also installed.
  • Is there non-standard software not being used? If there is, ITS removes the software and pulls the license. This is important because some of the non-standard software is very expensive to purchase. It allows the expensive software to be used by another person/department.
  • ITS is actively working a computer lifecycle migration plan. The computer is assessed to see if it is below baseline, and if so, it will be removed and replaced with a newer computer.

If the position is not filled, the computer is placed into the College's computer inventory and will be reissued wherever it is needed.

New at Your MCC Library

From software manuals to books for pleasure reading to DVDs, MCC's libraries have dozens of new titles. View the full list here.

Save the Date: Women in Higher Ed Leadership

The 2011 Nebraska Women in Higher Education Leadership Annual conference will be on Friday, April 8, at Grace University in Omaha. The theme for the conference is Critical Tasks for Higher Education Leaders. If you are interested in attending, email Julie Langholdt at jlangholdt@mccneb.edu.

Free CPR Training

MCC is partnering with Clarkson College for the annual free CPR Training for Omahans on Saturday, May 14. The event is for family and friends of all ages-event coordinators encourage MCC students and staff to attend. Registration for the event opens March 1.

Date: Saturday, May 14
Sessions: 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. (each training session takes approximately one hour)
Audience: Group teams, family members and friends, boy and girl scouts, students looking for community service hours and more
Location: Clarkson College
Registration Line: (402) 552-2432 (registration opens March 1)

You are Separated by Six Degrees from the Greatest African American Quilters

Krya Hicks is self-taught like those who inspired her. She has shown her work in the Fennimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y.; the American Craft Museum in New York City, N.Y.; the Smithsonian Institute's Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C.; the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Ill.; and the Wadsworth Athenaeum in Hartford, Connecticut. She has also been included in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City. Her work has been featured in more than a dozen books, newspapers and magazines; including, Essence, Folk Art, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. In her own quilting, Hicks uses cotton to explore political, religious, family and romantic themes. Her original story quilts document her experiences as a young, Black, single woman.

What: Lecture, musical entertainment and hors d'oeuvres buffet
Thursday, March 10
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: Fort Omaha Campus, Swanson Conference Center, Bldg. 22
Contact: Salwa Fox, sfox11@mccneb.edu, (402) 457-2266

Training and Development Workshops

Enhance your work skills by participating in Training and Development workshops. These workshops are offered at no cost to you or your respective cost center. To enroll, go to WebAdvisor or call (402) 457-2400. All listed workshops are noncredit.

Brown Bag Workshop: MCC's New Advising and Enrollment Model
Monthly Brown Bag Workshops are designed to give you an opportunity to meet and mingle with other employees, enjoy your home-packed lunch and learn more about the inner workings of the College.

Dr. Arthur Rich, Vice President for Campuses and Student Affairs, invites you to join him as he shares about MCC's Advising and Enrollment Model (AEM). The AEM has been developed to ensure our students have the resources they need to begin, persist and achieve their educational goals.

Intended audience: all employees.

TRDV 045N 01 (synonym 174907)
Wednesday, March 30, noon-1 p.m.
FOC 21, Room 105

Technology Training
Excel Features, Advanced
Join this workshop to learn, brush-up on or practice the following Excel features: tables, pivot tables, data sorting, filtering outlining and recording and running and editing macros. The instructor is Bonnie Nelson, a veteran MCC adjunct faculty member.

Intended audience: all employees.

TRDV 011N 01 (synonym 175412)
Tuesday, March 29, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
FOC 8, Room 206

SharePoint 2007: Building a Site
This workshop is designed to provide you with an understanding of what SharePoint is and what it is capable of doing. Instruction will include how to get started using SharePoint in your daily work environment as well as provide you with the knowledge of how to:

  • Request a site
  • Manage a site and site permissions
  • Ensure site security (document)
  • Set up sub-sites and mapping the sites

Instructor: Ruthanne Grimsley. Intended audience: all employees.

TRDV 046N 01 (synonym 175433)
Friday, March 25, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
SRP, Room 222

SharePoint 2007: Working with Web Content
Do you want to advance your SharePoint skills? This workshop is designed to provide you with the knowledge of how to:

  • Integrate a shared calendar to Outlook and access the calendar from the web
  • Map site document libraries as drives so you can have mobile access to required documents
  • Create web-based forms

Instructor: Ruthanne Grimsley. Intended audience: all employees.

TRDV 047N 01 (synonym 175434)
Friday, April 1, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
SRP, Room 222

Note: Attending an activity during your scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval. It is your responsibility to obtain approval to attend a Training and Development event.

To enroll, go to WebAdvisor or call (402) 457-2400. All listed workshops are noncredit.

For further information contact:
Marilyn Cotten
Coordinator, Training & Development
FOC 4, (402) 457-2507, mcotten@mccneb.edu

Students Represent MCC at Film Festival

Rie Takeuchi was among MCC students featured in The Omaha Film Festival March 2-6. Takeuchi's documentary, Tokyo Food Scene, was selected for screening in the Sixth Annual Omaha Film Festival out of a pool of more than 450 entries from 28 countries. Learn more about the film and the festival at www.omahafilmfestival.org/shorts.html.

City of Omaha Receives Humanitarian Award

Sister Cities International named the Omaha Sister Cities Association (OSCA) as winner of its 2011 Humanitarian Assistance Award for the 101,000 to 500,000 city population category. OSCA earned the award for its efforts with the donation and shipment of two refurbished medical ambulances to its Mexican sister city of Xalapa.

Sister Cities International will present the award to OSCA Executive Director Sue Mehaffey during the Lou Wozar Annual Awards Ceremony at this year's Annual Conference at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va., on March 5.

At the local level, OSCA will recognize individuals and businesses involved in the goodwill effort at its Annual Global Gala Dinner at the German American Society from 5:30 to 7:30 on Sunday, April 3.

MCC has participated in the sister city relationship with Xalapa. In 2008, MCC hosted families from Omaha's Sister City in Xalapa, Mexico.

Weekly Green Tip

Whether printing or copying, use both sides of a piece of paper. If just one in four office workers made all of their copies double-sided, the annual savings would equal 130 billion sheets of paper-a stack thicker than the diameter of the earth! - The Green Book

HR Updates

New Employees

Antonio Cantu
Antonio Cantu
Student Services Assistant   SOC CON             (402) 738-4515

Gary Katz
Gary Katz
Library Supervisor              SOC CON             (402) 738-4737

Separations           Last Day
Dennis Nordstrom     2/25/11
Lenny Stinton           3/1/11
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