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Inside Story for Friday, May 28, 2010

Have You Nominated a Student Leader?

The Service-Learning Office seeks outstanding student leaders to attend MCC's first Student Leadership Conference, Sept. 1, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at FOC. The conference, entitled Envision-Engage-Lead-Serve, will include multiple speakers and breakout sessions on topics including entrepreneurship, community action, service-learning, career-seeking skills, overcoming life obstacles and international issues.

Students will be invited to the event based on faculty and staff nominations. Nominate outstanding student leaders by Friday, June 4 by emailing Elizabeth McPhail, eamcphail1@mccneb.edu, with the student's name and ID number.

For more information, contact Elizabeth McPhail or Penny Boykins in the Service-Learning Office.

Upcoming Password Change Policy

In an effort to increase the level of security that protects College resources, a periodic password change of your network login account is needed. This procedure will be very familiar to anyone who has used the Colleague HP system and its password changing requirements. The change will be effective in early July and will be phased in over a two-week period. More details will be made available soon.

Pass to Class Procedures for Summer Quarter

As Spring quarter transitions to Summer quarter, students will once again be picking up new Pass to Class bus passes.

Distribution dates for Summer sessions:

  • Tuesday, June 1: Students enrolled in the first five-week or the ten-week summer session can pick up their new passes beginning June 1.
  • Tuesday, July 6: Students enrolled in the second five-week session who were not enrolled in the first five-week session may pick up their passes starting July 6.
  • Passes will not work between the Summer and Fall quarters.

End of Summer quarter deactivation:

  • Monday, July 12: Passes for students enrolled only in the first five-week session will be deactivated on the last day of this session.
  • Monday, Aug. 16: Passes for students enrolled in courses for the second five-week or the entire ten-week sessions will be deactivated on the final day of Summer classes.

Pass to Class overview:

  • Pass to Class passes are available to current credit students at all Student Services counters.
  • Student Services staff should record each student's identification number and the corresponding bus pass number in Colleague.
  • If transferring passes from one Student Services location to another, contact Daniel Lawse,
  • 738-4564 with the identification numbers of the passes transferred.
  • If your Student Services location is running low on passes and you are unable to obtain passes from another location, contact Daniel Lawse, 738-4564.
  • These passes are free of charge for the first pass distributed to each student and $25 for each replacement pass.
  • Guidelines regarding this replacement fee and other user restrictions are outlined in the student agreement, which must be signed by each student upon pass issuance.

MOBY riders:

  • Students with disabilities and who require MOBY services may also pick up their passes at Student Services.
  • When issuing MOBY Pass to Class passes, Student Services staff should record student ID numbers and corresponding pass numbers in Colleague.
  • Staff should then contact Melinda Classen immediately to ensure timely activation of all MOBY passes issued.
  • Before these MOBY passes can be distributed, students must confirm current MOBY rider certification by showing their MOBY identification with ID number.
  • Students who may be MOBY eligible but who have not yet been certified must first contact MAT for certification before a pass can be issued.
  • MOBY riders must follow normal MOBY guidelines for requesting prearranged transportation services and must identify themselves as MCC MOBY riders when making these arrangements.

Non-working passes:

  • If the student brings back a non-working pass, check to make sure this is the same pass that was issued to the student during the current quarter.
  • Double-check the student is still enrolled. If the student dropped classes, MCC contacts MAT to deactivate the pass.
  • Record and shred the non-working pass.
  • When a student returns an original pass that does not work, there is no replacement fee.

Contact Daniel Lawse, djlawse@mccneb.edu or 738-4564, or Laura Roush, lroush1@mccneb.edu, in the Office of Sustainable Practices with any questions regarding the Pass to Class bus passes.

Students Study Abroad in China

On May 26, History Instructor Art Durand and Dean of Social Sciences Jane Franklin led six MCC students to China to tour the country and study the culture. These photos capture the students as they arrive in China and being their tour: www.cultureimpressions.com/index.php?p=1_13_Tour-Photo-Gallery.

For the Right Price, 1998 Ford Escort Could Be Yours

MCC is accepting bids for the sale of a red 1998 Ford Escort SE four-door sedan with 82,000 miles. Features include air conditioning, dual front air bags, power windows and cruise control.

The car was purchased as a salvaged vehicle by MCC. Students in the Auto Collision Program, under the supervision of Auto Collision instructors, restored the vehicle to its current excellent condition.

The minimum bid for this vehicle is $1,400. To receive photos of the vehicle, email rhanneman@mccneb.edu. To look at the Ford Escort in person, contact Sharon or Mary at 763-5800 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday-Friday. The car is located at the Applied Technology Center, 104th and State Sts. in Omaha.

The Ford Escort will be sold as is with no warranties or guarantees.

New Grade Scanners en Route

New grade scanners will be installed Collegewide during the break between Spring and Summer quarters. An initial supply of new answer sheets will also be provided. The new scanners are very easy to use and will come with a set of simple operating instructions. In-service training covering all the features of the new scanners will be provided during Fall quarter startup activities. Questions? Contact the Campus Dean/Center Director at your location or Larry Lindberg, 457-1312.

MCC Service-Learning Immersions

The Service-Learning Office conducted its first immersion experience May 20 in South Omaha. Faculty and staff members took a tour of the Salvation Army Kroc Center and Mission for All Nations, a pantry that provides food, clothing, housing supplies, hygiene supplies and moral support to individuals and families in the South Omaha area.

An immersion visit offers faculty and staff the opportunity to learn about specific agencies, services agencies provide, how they utilize volunteers and how MCC students could help meet the agencies' goals. This could potentially lead to a service-learning project that partners MCC students and the agency, helping the agency to meet its goals while offering another tool for students and faculty to meet course objectives.

The Kroc Center and Mission for All Nations has connected with MCC volunteers in the past, and the Service-Learning Office hopes to continue to strengthen such partnerships.

The next immersion will be Thursday, June 10, in North Omaha at Heartland Family Services. This is an opportunity for faculty to further connect with the community. Contact Bridget Murphy, 457-2834 or bmurphy6@mccneb.edu, if interested in attending. Space is limited so reply early.

Criminal Justice Department Real-World Experience

Approximately 26 Criminal Justice students and staff experienced the real world of CSI and police officer training May 19 during two field trips. The first took students to tour the Omaha Police Training Academy, and the second revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the Douglas County Sheriff's Crime Investigation Office in Omaha.

Officer Gray, supervisor of the Omaha Police Training Academy, conducted the tour at the Omaha Police Academy. TV shows about law enforcement misinform viewers on the frequency of shootings involving police. "In the real world, an officer may never shoot anyone," Gray said, who has never in his 15 years with the Omaha Police Department (OPD). "A few officers who have shot someone resulting in a death have had emotional difficulties. Some police officers have even resigned as a result of taking a life."

Gray said six women serve on the OPD police force, and while the department actively recruits African-American female officers, there are few such officers currently serving. Brenda Smith, an MCC Criminal Justice faculty member, was the first African-American female officer to be hired by OPD.

"Identifying with the profession negatively instead of as a time-honored profession that offers great benefits and a decent salary prevents many from pursuing a career in law enforcement," Smith said. "Law enforcement officers should begin interacting with the African-American community while they're still young and before they've had a chance to acquire a criminal record or lack the physical abilities required as a police officer."

As with law enforcement, the real world of CSI is not as glamorous as TV crime shows often portray. Students had an opportunity to speak with two crime scene investigators and learn about the tools of their trade and the challenges and rewards of their profession. Shannon Tysor and Angie Olson, crime scene investigators for the Douglas County Sheriff's Department, provided a demonstration that CSI crime show fans would love. A dried, blood-stained T-shirt was sprayed with the chemical luminol in a darkened room. The blood spots on the shirt appeared as a florescent blue. Tysor then sprayed a board with bleach to show what would happen when luminol was used to determine if blood was present. This time the florescent blue showed as long streaks indicating the blood had been cleaned using bleach.

Olson described a typical work day. "You can't leave evidence until the next day or until it's convenient for you to finish," she said. Crime investigators are often required to work past their shift in order to finish their job.

"The part I enjoy most is finding answers to questions that help solve a crime. That's the most rewarding part of my job," Tysor said.

While some students were undecided as to their specific career field, others are working toward becoming police officers or juvenile or probation officers.

Summer field trips have already been planned, said Chuck Fairbanks, MCC instructor and a retired sheriff. Field trips of this nature are offered regularly to criminal justice students.


Congratulations to Brian O'Malley

Congratulations to Brian O'Malley, MCC Culinary Arts Instructor, for his 2010 Idaho Commission Scholarship Award in the best practices category. The award recognizes top leaders in culinary education. The award will be announced at a June 25 reception in Baltimore, Md., at the CAFÉ (Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education) Leadership Conference.

Elder Fair Provides Free Resources

MCC is sponsoring an Elder Fair July 30, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the South Omaha Campus. The free event offers resources and workshops to seniors and caregivers. More than 50 organizations will provide information. The Walgreens Wellness Bus will provide free health screenings.

For more information, visit http://tinyurl.com/elderfair.

Theatre Conference Kicks Off Saturday

The Great Plains Theatre Conference offers a free opportunity for MCC students and staff to pick the brains of top local and national playwrights, hone their acting or writing skills or simply enjoy readings and performances of award-winning and emerging work.

The Conference begins Saturday and honors featured playwright David Lindsay-Abaire. For a full schedule of conference events, visit www.mccneb.edu/theatreconference.

Email theatreconference@mccneb.edu to request ticket vouchers.

Attention SOC Faculty and Staff: Single-Stream Recycling Coming to a Desk Near You!

Concerned about the impact your at-work habits have on the environment? Let SOC's improved recycling initiative ease your angst. Starting Summer quarter, faculty and staff desk-side trash receptacles will be replaced with blue, single-stream recycling bins. Recycle your copies, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans and much more in one single bin (see image). Recycling receptacles will also be placed in SOC common areas at the beginning of Summer quarter. FOC and EVC will see single-stream recycling before summer's end. Help MCC to reduce its contribution to local landfills and take advantage of our new blue bins!


Weekly Green Tip

Be green and stay cool in the summer. Use heat-producing appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, and clothes dryers in the cooler evening hours.

Staff Directory Updates

New Employees
Joan Duggan                        Accounts Receivable Technician        FOC 30        457-2712
Reese Lee                           Custodian                                        FOC 10        457-2407
Rachel Murphy                     Custodian                                        FRC            317-3015
Victoria Nakibuuka-Muli        Case Coordinator, Project Bridge       MHY             738-4794
Carl Welch                          Custodian                                        FOC 10         457-2407

Dallas Malhiwsky name change to Dallas Jurisevic

Separations                   Last Day
JoAnne Santage                May 28
Ginny Stewart                   May 28
Karen Tomasek                 May 27

MCC Welcomes the Following New Employees

Joan Duggan  


Reese Lee     


Rachel Murphy                


Victoria Nakibuuka-Muli       


Carl Welch


MCC Job Openings

For information about the College's open positions and how to apply, visit www.mccneb.edu/hr or call the jobline at (402) 738-4050. Applications are also online at www.mccnebjobs.com.

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