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Inside Story for Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Chance to See Photo Display

This is the final month that Biology instructor Paul Evans will have his photos on display in the front hallway of FOC, Bldg. 10. The photos are a mix of landscapes and close-ups of nature with a Biology theme.

Save MCC Money/Save a Tree

MCC encourages users to conserve paper and resources when possible and use the recycle bins for discarded paper. The following are ways to reduce waste and save money.
• Print only the pages that you need in a document.
• When printing PowerPoint slides, print them six (6) to a page, black and white only, with no background.
• Print only what you need; don't print drafts for every revision.
• Use the Print Preview from the File menu to view your document before printing.
• Edit and proof papers online before printing.
• Always check with the ARC or Library staff before resending a print job. The printer might have other documents in front of your print job, or the printer might be out of paper.
• Avoid printing email messages and web pages.
• Send electronic documents instead of printing hard copies.
• Use spell check.
• Print only one copy.|
• Turn off graphics in web browsers to minimize the number of pages in web output.
• When printing class assignments or papers, print more than one page per sheet via Zoom option.
• Use the duplex (2-sided) printing feature where it is available.
• Check margins, printer and page settings prior to printing.
• Always protect your password to prevent others from using your account and never give your password to anyone else.
• Use the print-friendly option when printing web pages.

Use alternatives to printing
• Email it to yourself.
• Save it to a USB flash device.

For more suggestions, visit www.conservatree.org/paper/choose/srpaper.shtml.

MCC Students Studying in Oaxaca, Mexico

Spanish faculty members Marco Bravo and Karina Clarke departed with eight Spanish-language students for a study and live experience in Oaxaca, Mexico, Friday, July 24. The students will study Spanish language and Oaxacan culture at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca,  Monday-Friday, and also take cultural excursions to ruins in Mitla, Tule and Tlacolula (www.icomexico.com/spanish/excursions3.php) and Monte Albán and Atzompa (www.icomexico.com/spanish/excursions2.php). The group will participate in the Auditorio Guelaguetza, an annual festival exploring the cultures of indigenous peoples from the state of Oaxaca (www.tomzap.com/AuditorioGuelaguetza.html), before returning to Omaha on Aug. 11.  Students are hosted by local families who enhance their cultural understanding of the Oaxacan region.

This is the third summer that MCC students have participated in this program that was developed by Spanish faculty member Katie Twit.


CET Updates

Professional Development
Professional development training is available to MCC staff through Corporate Education & Training (CET). CET is offering workshops to address the areas ranked as the highest training priority by MCC employees. View the latest workshops online via CET's MCC Professional Development link on the CET homepage at www.mccneb.edu/cet/.

Creating a Customer-Focused Workforce
Service Plus (full-day or two half-day workshops)
Creates service providers who:
· Think and act consistently to please students by putting them at the heart of MCC
· Create unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty
· Ensure repeat business from established students, increase word-of-mouth referrals for MCC    and inspire loyalty in new students

09/SE BSAD 050N WI09      Fri., Sept. 25 and Oct. 2  1-5 p.m., FOC, Bldg. 10, Room 124

CET's noncredit online courses are open to MCC staff as part of professional development training. More
than 150 online courses in the areas of business management, information technology, interpersonal skills, leadership and Command Spanish® are available. Register now! A new series of online courses begins on Aug. 19, 2009. To learn more visit us at www.mccneb.edu/cet/. To register, email Adam Smith at asmith102@mccneb.edu.

Tuition waiver/remission is available for full-time employees/faculty and part-time regulars using the Employee Tuition Waiver Form. Part-time temp employees and adjunct faculty who want to register should contact their dean's office to arrange for the cost center to be billed the fee before registering. Deans should send cost center billing information to Adam Smith in FOC, Bldg. 5 or by email to asmith102@mccneb.edu so the adjunct faculty and part-time temp employees will not be billed personally. Reference the Employee and Dependent Tuition Waiver Procedures Memorandum for more information.

New Faces

Melissa M. Jakub
Academic Resources Center Educational Assistant
Sarpy Center

Melissa Jakub graduated from the University of Nebraska-Kearney with a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She has a teaching certification in English and history. As an undergraduate, she worked with students in a variety of settings inside and outside the classroom and served as a peer leader for incoming freshman students. Jakub was married June 20, 2009. She and her husband enjoy traveling and were thrilled to visit the Canadian Rockies during their honeymoon.

HR Updates

New Employees
John Click            Public Safety Officer       SOC                 738-4569
Carlos Watson      Public Safety Officer       FOC #30           457-2313
Gary Wohlers       Public Safety Officer       FOC #30           457-2313 

Nick Behrens        FOC #10          457-2754
David Bell            SOC-CON
Silvia Santiago     FOC #30           457-2724

Separations                         Last Day
Matthew Kowalewski                8/1/09
Richard Martin                         7/22/09
Susie Wilson                            5/22/09

MCC Job Openings

For information about the College’s open positions and how to apply, visit www.mccneb.edu/hr or call the jobline at (402) 738-4050. Applications are also online at www.mccnebjobs.com.

MCC Is Making News

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