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Inside Story for Monday, February 16, 2009

Help Keep Printing Free at MCC

At this time, MCC is still able to offer free printing for all students, staff, faculty and four-county library users. We need your help in controlling the amount of printing that occurs so that we can continue to provide printing as a free service. 

Staff and faculty are asked to review printing habits and print responsibly. In addition, do not ask students to print multiple copies of documents or print class documents that should have been sent to the College Copy Center. The Copy Center offers a short turnaround time. For more information on the Copy Center procedure, contact Bob Barnes.

Remote Access to MCC Staff Email System Undergoing Revision

Remote access to MCC Staff and Faculty email accounts using POP3 and IMAP connections will be discontinued March 15. This is needed to better protect the College email system from less secure remote access methods.

 This action will not affect your ability to access College email through Outlook Web Access. It only affects remote access using the POP3 and IMAP protocols. This could include home PCs, laptops and cellular devices. Additional methods for remotely accessing College email will be provided in the near future. A follow up Inside Story article will elaborate on these additional options.

Sustainability Committee Kick-Off Meeting Feb. 20

Faculty, students and staff will have the opportunity to begin the greening of our campus and classrooms at MCC's first Sustainability Committee meeting. The meeting is set for Friday, Feb. 20 from 9-11 a.m. at FOC Bldg. 7. All are welcome; RSVP to Bill Owen (bowen@mccneb.edu).

The Sustainability Committee will begin the process of greening MCC's campuses, classrooms and community partnerships. Those present at the meeting will have the opportunity to share what is already happening to be green, what opportunities MCC has to become more sustainable and how we can move forward together toward a green campus.

"Every faculty, staff and student has an important role to play in the greening of our campus, and this committee will provide a vehicle to move Metropolitan Community College forward as a leader in sustainability in the Omaha area," said sustainability consultant Daniel Lawse. "This committee will be the beginning of a journey toward sustainability for the College, the students and the community."

Join in helping make MCC a leader in, and example of, sustainability in the community.

Save the Date: Women in Higher Education Leadership Conference

The Nebraska Women in Higher Education Leadership Conference will be held Friday, April 17 at Union College in Lincoln. The theme for the 2009 conference is "Women's Leadership in Turbulent Times."  Contact Julie Langholdt, jlangholdt@mccneb.edu, if you would like registration materials sent to you once they are available. 

New Hours of Operation at South Omaha Library

Beginning Friday, Feb. 27 the South Omaha Library hours will change (closing at 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m.). 

7:30-9 p.m.        Monday-Thursday
9 a.m.-6 p.m.    Friday and Saturday
Closed Sunday

Postal Service Mailing Services Prices to Change on May 11

The Governors of the U.S. Postal Service have approved new prices for mailing services, including a 2-cent increase in the price of a first-class mail stamp to 44 cents. Prices for mailing services are reviewed annually and adjusted each May. The new prices will go into effect Monday, May 11. 

Customers can continue to mail letters at today's prices by purchasing the Forever Stamp before May 11. Forever Stamps were developed to help consumers ease the transition during price changes. Forever Stamps do not have a denomination and will be honored whenever they are used with no need for additional postage for a one-ounce letter mailing. On May 11 the price of the Forever Stamp will be 44 cents. 

The new prices are available at usps.com/prices.

Rising operational costs make the price adjustments necessary; the increase tracks the 2008 rate of inflation. "The Postal Service is not immune to rising costs that are affecting homes and businesses across America today," said Postmaster General John Potter. "Even with the increases, the Postal Service continues to offer some of the lowest postage prices in the world."

For the average household, the first-class mail stamp price change will represent an additional $3 over the course of the year. When compared to annual increases in other household expenses, such as groceries, healthcare and utilities, the Postal Service continues to be an economical choice for shipping and mailing during tough economic times. For first-class mail there will be no changes in the current additional ounce price, which remains at 17 cents.

"Whether you're a consumer or run a business, the Postal Service continues to offer a good deal during a time when we're all looking for ways to save," said Stephen M. Kearney, senior vice president for customer relations. "Our range of shipping and mailing options and low prices make the Postal Service the smart and easy choice."

MCC Named to Presidentís Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

MCC has been named to the 2008 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll by the Corporation for National and Community Service. The selection to the Honor Roll is recognition from the highest levels of the federal government for commitment to service and civic engagement on campus and in the nation.

Professional Development Training

Professional Development Training is available to MCC staff via Corporate Education & Training (CET).  Currently CET has scheduled Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED and Outlook 2007 workshops  and is accepting names of employees interested in attending an Excel 2007 workshop.

CET has developed a customized Outlook 2007 training workshop available to divisions who require only Outlook 2007 training.

09/JA COMP 820N WI21               Feb. 19               1-2:30 p.m.          FOC 8, Room 202   
09/JA COMP 820N WI22               Feb. 24               1- 2:30 p.m.         SOC Mahoney, Room 131     
09/JA COMP 820N WI02               Feb. 25               2- 3:30 p.m.         EVC, Room 159  
09/JA COMP 820N WI23               Feb. 26               1- 2:30 p.m.         SOC Mahoney, Room 131  
09/AP COMP 820N WI03              March 2               1- 2:30 p.m.         FOC 8, Room 202    

CET and Public Safety have collaborated to provide two Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED courses in March to train Public Safety officers. There are limited seats remaining in each session open to MCC staff on a first-come basis. The schedule is as follows:

09/AP BSAD 750N WI03              March 19             TH            9-1:30 p.m.       SOC, ITC 104
09/AP BSAD 750N WI23              March 26             TH            9-1:30 p.m.       SOC, ITC 104 

To register, contact CET at 457-2491. Tuition waiver/remission is available for full-time employees/faculty and part-time regulars using the Employee Tuition Waiver Form. Part-time temp employees and adjunct faculty who want to register should contact their dean's office to arrange for the cost center to be billed before registering. Deans should send cost center billing information to Adam Smith in FOC Bldg. 5 or by email at asmith102@mccneb.edu so the adjunct faculty and part-time temp employees will not be billed personally. Reference the Employee and Dependent Tuition Waiver Procedures Memorandum for more information.

Anyone interested in CPR training or renewals who are unable to attend any of the above sessions may email Cheri Vossberg, clvossberg@mccneb.edu, to have their name added to the contact list for future sessions.

Staff Development for EXCEL 2007
Do you want Excel 2007 training? In response to requests, CET is now taking names of persons interested in an Excel 2007 course for staff development. In order to create such workshops, a minimum of five participants will be needed for each campus session. Anyone interested in adding their name to the Excel 2007 contact list should email Cheri Vossberg, clvossberg@mccneb.edu, and give their name, employee status (full-time, part-time regular, adjunct or part-time temp), course preferences as to campus location (FOC, SOC, EVC), day of the week (M-F) and time (a.m. or p.m.).

Need for customized training for your division? If so, contact CET at 457- 2491.

HR Updates

New Employee's
Christian Beaty                Welding Instructor                      SOC-ITC              TBA
Angela Bowen                  Central Registration Clerk-PT      FOC #2                457-8504
Rogene Goble                  Library Assistant-PT                    SOC-CON             738-4506
Lori Sarandrea-Hill           Payroll Specialist                        FOC #30               457-2740
Ruben Martinez                Welding Lab Technician               SOC-ITC              738-4661

Deb Shirah                          New name   Deb Lyons

MCC Job Openings

For information about the College’s open positions and how to apply, visit www.mccneb.edu/hr or call the jobline at (402) 738-4050. Applications are also online at www.mccnebjobs.com.

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