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What Is Information Technology?

When computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is information technology. Information technology encompasses many aspects of computing and technology and covers many fields. IT professionals perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. A few of the duties that IT professionals perform includes storing, protecting, processing, transmitting, and retrieving information.

Today's IT plays a critical role in the work of all major industries as well as being a distinct industry on its own. The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) reports that 92% of all IT workers are in non-IT companies, 80% of which are small companies. Even if the career you choose does not focus solely on IT, the job will likely involve the use of computers and technology to accomplish tasks and process information.

Students interested in becoming IT computer repair technicians or computer support specialists generally can get started with specialized training, an appropriate industry-skill certification, and/or an Associate degree in a computer-related field, plus hands-on experience with computers.

The mission of the Information Technology programs is to educate students in the principles and practices of information technology and to prepare students for the workforce, higher education, and a lifetime of learning.

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