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Technology Room Locations

Sarpy Center

Room #
Document Camera
VCR or Combo other
115 26/Tables Avermedia300 Epson 811 Combo VGA Switch, AIO
121 30/Tables Avermedia300 NEC M311W Combo RR, AIO
122 30/Tables Avermedia300 NEC M311W VCR RR, AIO
127 40/Tables AverMedia300 Epson 811 Combo AIO
129 30/Tables AverMedia300 NEC M260X Combo VGA Switch, RR, AIO
138         New Floor Jacks, CAT6 Rapid Run Box
202 45/Tables, Comp Tables AverMedia300 NEC NP410 VCR

Sympodium 518, VGA Switch,
Campus Share, RR, 21 computers

203 32/Tables / Comp Tables AverMedia300 NEC NP410 Combo


VGA Switch, laptop cart, AIO

204 14/Tables      

laptop cart

205 30/Tables JVC 700 NEC LT 380 VCR



206 30/Tables AverMedia300 NEC LT 380 VCR RR, VGA Switch, AIO
207 30/Tables AverMedia300 Epson 821 VCR Sympodium 350, AIO
211 24/Tables   NEC LT 380 VCR and DVD

Podium GarageRR, AIO

212 42/Tables, Comp Tables AverMedia300 NEC LT 380 Combo

VGA Switch

RR, 24 computers

214 48/Tables, Comp Tables Avermedia300 Hitachi CP-wx8255a Combo Bogen Amp & Wireless Receiver, 24 computers
220 49/Tables, Comp Tables   NEC M260 X VCR VGA Switch, RR, 23 computers
222 32/Tables, Comp Tables JVC 700 NEC NP260X VCR VGA Switch, RR, 16 computers
224 32/Tables, Comp Tables   NEC NP260X VCR


VGA Switch, Apple TV, Vision and Deep Freeze enabled, RR, 16 computers

225 16/computes AverMedia300 NEC M311W Combo RR VGA Switch
226 30/Tables



NEC M260X Combo

Sympodium 518,RR, AIO

VGA Switch, CampusShare


RR = Remote Receiver; allows you to use your projector remote to advance powerpoint.

AIO = All in One Computer

Last Updated 1/10/2014
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