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Original Video

Charlie Green Screen Here are three more examples of "green screen" as we continued our R&D (research and development) on lighting and keying.

Original Video Produced in Collaboration with IDS

IDS provides consultation to define objectives and brainstorm, as well as production services including scriptwriting, videotaping and editing, and graphic design. We encourage faculty to see how easy it is to create their own original recordings. Come and play in the IDS Sandbox where technology is made easy -- like a day at the beach!

Screenshot WELD 1200
We used our specialized set of tools and setup to capture, narrate and illustrate how to use a certain type of welder and it's parts.
Screenshot AUTT - Al Cox
With an emphasis on safety, Al Cox demonstrates service procedures and repair techniques in Automotive Technologies through video. Here students follow step-by-step procedures.
Screenshot CNA - Cheryl Hartwell
Certified Nursing Assistant Videos
Screenshot DENT - Cindy Cronick
Cindy Cronick wanted to create original video demonstrations of the lab processes and equipment used in the dental assisting field. She worked with IDS to create a video series for a number of her courses.
Screenshot DESL - HEUI Installation Polishing
Screenshot VACA- Audio and Video Production Engineering - Craig Carlson
This was shot in the FO 17 studio using two cameras and the switcher which showed the audio connector soldering process with ECUs (Extreme close-ups) of the actual soldering techniques.
Screenshot CHRM – Protein Fabrication Class Pork Belly Cut, Chef Jo Anne Garvey
This was shot at the ICA in HD (High Definition) which gives students an up close look at the cuts for their class on fabrication.
Screenshot CNST- Builder's Level, Trevor Secora
Trevor Secora demonstrates how to setup a builder's level. Students can also use this video to review the process before they have to do a setup. (looks like a warm, sunny day!)
Screenshot HIST China Study Abroad, Arthur Durand
Dr. Durand needed to create a short overview of the Credit Course Abroad trip to China. He used Microsoft Photo Story to add music and narration to the beautiful photos.
Screenshot AUTT 1010
A work in progress, Al Cox describes troubleshooting a vehicle's cooling system.
Screenshot Reactions and Bunsen Burner
Screenshot Respiratory Therapy PAC Videos

Mixing Polycarboxylate Cement
Dental Assisiting instructor Cindy Cronick demonstrates the current process to mix polycarboxylate cement. 


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