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Transcript Information

Transferring to MCC

Students seeking transfer of general education credit earned at an institution other than MCC must request, from each institution attended, an official transcript to be sent to MCC. The transfer of credit is dependent upon several factors, including:

  • The granting institution's accreditation standing.
  • The content equivalency to the MCC course.
  • If the MCC course includes lab, the transfer course must also include lab.
  • The equivalency of credit hours.

Records will identify appropriate substitutions for courses that are higher level and/or awarded more credit hours than the MCC's required course on your Evaluation Form. For example if you need Intermediate Algebra, but have completed a College Algebra class at another college, you may receive the transfer credit for MCC's College Algebra and the converted number of credit hours awarded.

MCC's Records staff officially evaluates transcripts. Upon receipt of an official transcript, the Records staff checks the declared academic program and educational goal at MCC. It is important that the program and educational goal are correctly listed in MCC's computer system; you may verify this when you meet with an academic advisor or counselor.

You will receive a letter and evaluation form in the US mail for each college from which you have transfer credit. Please contact a member of the Records staff to resolve any questions or issues you have with your evaluation(s). It is important that any questions or issues with the evaluation be resolved quickly.

Institutions should send official transcripts to:

Metropolitan Community College

Fort Omaha Campus, Building #30
PO Box 3777
Omaha, NE 68103-0777

The phone number for Records: (402) 457-2353 or (800) 228-9553.

Transferring from MCC

MCC has Articulation (Transfer) Agreements with most colleges in the Omaha area as well as to institutions in Nebraska and the region. Details about transfer agreements and about courses you can take at MCC that transfer to other college programs at the Articulation web site.

Verification of Licensure

Nebraska Health and Human Services System, Credentialing Division
The Iowa Board of Nursing, on-line licensure verification

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