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Information About Completing FAFSA and FAFSA Renewal Forms

The acronym, FAFSA, stands "Free Application for Federal Student Aid." It is the basic federal application you will file if applying for financial aid.

You can now process your FAFSA application electronically at the Financial Aid offices and learning centers at the three campus locations. If you have an internet connection, you may also complete your application from your home. We do recommend that you get assistance in completing your forms from Financial Aid staff members.

FAFSA application

To complete the FAFSA application you will need to gather the following information:

  • Prior year Income information (including self, spouse or parent, if dependent)
  • Prior year records of earned income (non-tax filers)
  • Prior year Social Security documentation
  • Prior year ADC, AFDC, TANF documentation
  • Prior year Child support documents (either paid or received)
  • Any other prior year untaxed income documentation (military housing allowance, etc.)
  • Current bank statements showing savings
  • Records of stocks, bonds, real estate or investment value

It is strongly recommended that you bring this information to the Financial Aid office for review before you attempt to file electronically.

MCC's Title IV School code is 004432.

You will need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to electronically sign your FAFSA application. Get your PIN at: http://pin.ed.gov/pinindex.htm.

Request your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN will be mailed to you. You should receive your PIN in a secure envelope about 7 to 10 days after you request it.

If you would like to have your PIN delivered to you electronically, you will need to provide an e-mail address during the request process. You will also be obtaining your PIN electronically if you provided your e-mail in your FAFSA application. You will then be sent an e-mail once your request is processed. This e-mail will contain a link to the secure PIN delivery Web site where you will be able to input your data and retrieve your PIN online.

Please Note: Your PIN will be available for online delivery for 14 days from the date you submitted the request. After that time, you may use the PIN Web site to find information on how to submit a new PIN request.

When you receive your PIN and are ready to apply, go to the FAFSA website.

Renewal FAFSA On The Web

Renewal Aid applicants, you may be able to fill out your renewal FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on the web.

To file your Renewal FAFSA on the Web:

  • You must be living at the same address you reported in the prior year. (It's the address printed on lines 4-7 of the paper Renewal FAFSA.)
  • If you have moved from your reported address, and did not leave a forwarding address with the Post Office, you cannot use Renewal FAFSA on the Web.
  • You must have your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • If you received your PIN last year, you can use the same number this year.
  • Fill out your Renewal Application on-line and submit it, using your PIN. Be sure to correct any changes from the previous year.
  • If you submit your Renewal FAFSA online, you will not have to submit a paper Renewal FAFSA.
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