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Getting Started Online

First Time using ANGEL?

All online courses at MCC are delivered using ANGEL.

ANGEL is a course management and collaboration website that allows educators and students to access course material and communicate quickly, easily, and effectively.
With ANGEL, you can take surveys, quizzes and tests, send and receive course mail, post to threaded discussions and chat rooms, upload assignments using drop-boxes, and more. Students can check their progress and grades at any time during the course.

Your Web Browser

When working in ANGEL you must use the desktop version of one of the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or later (Windows 8 users must use the desktop)
  • Firefox 3 or later
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Visit the Browser Support page for more advanced tips and settings.

Always use ANGEL's navigation buttons instead of your browser's 'back and forward' buttons.  And be sure to keep ANGEL open in just one browser window.

User Name and Password

Once you have enrolled in a course you can visit the Password Station web site anytime to look up your MCC username and change/reset your password.  Once the quarter starts you will use your MCC username and password to login to ANGEL. 

Online Course Orientation

If this is your first online course at MCC you should complete the Online Course Orientation. You will find helpful videos, frequently asked questions, links to resources and a study guide, all designed to help you succeed.

Logging In to ANGEL

You will not be able to access any courses in ANGEL until the first day of the quarter.

  • Connect to the Internet. Open a web browser and type in the following web address: http://angel.mccneb.edu
  • Enter your MCC username and password in the 'Log On' box. This will take you to your ANGEL personal homepage.

ANGEL Personal Homepage

The first thing you see once you log on to ANGEL is 'Home', your personal homepage. Home provides you with access to all courses you are enrolled in.  Simply click on the title of a course to navigate to the homepage of that course. 

To return to your personal homepage, click the 'Home' button on the left edge of the screen. 

There are a variety of optional tools you can add to your personal homepage to assist you with your coursework. The selection and display of these tools can be customized using the 'Edit Page' link in the Home menu bar.

ANGEL Student Quickstart Guide

For detailed information about all the features of ANGEL, click here to open the ANGEL Student Quickstart Guide.

This guide can be accessed from anywhere within ANGEL by clicking the 'Help' button on the left edge of the screen.

You can also Click here to download a print-friendly .pdf file of the ANGEL Student Quickstart Guide.

Video Tutorials

These ANGEL tutorials demonstrate essential tasks students will need to know when taking a MCC Online course.  Step-by-step narration and on-screen video of actual MCC courses are displayed.

Face to Face Help

The Learning & Tutoring Center (LTC) staff are trained in the basics of ANGEL and will be happy to help students get started.  There is a Learning & Tutoring Center located at every MCC Campus. Just drop in and ask for help.  Locations and hours are listed here.

Logging Out

To log out of ANGEL click on the logout button on the left edge of the screen.


You can also log out by simply closing your web browser. If you are working on a computer that is used by others, it is critical that you log out of ANGEL each time you are done working in your course. Once you login to ANGEL, your open web browser window will remember your password until you close it or log out.


All of MCC's online courses require a textbook. Check the textbooks page to find out which books you'll need and how to buy them.

Additional Resources


MCC is committed to the accessibility of our online courses and makes reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you have a documented disability that may affect your participation in an online course, please contact a Disability Support Services counselor before the course begins.

ANGEL Support

Questions about ANGEL? Please contact MCC's ANGEL Support Staff:

Alex Garrison  402-457-2769 acgarrison@mccneb.edu

Curtis Bryant  402-457-2853  cebryant@mccneb.edu

Chuck Davis   402-457-2866  cwdavis@mccneb.edu

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