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Requesting Accommodations

You (the student) drive the process of requesting accommodations for a disability.

Accommodations will be provided when you identify yourself as a student with a disability, provide the College with appropriate documentation and request academic accommodations.  Once appropriate documentation has been received, the DSS counselor will review the request and evaluate whether the documentation has met the established guidelines and verifies the existence of a functional limitation relevant to the academic environment.  

Reasonable accommodations depend upon the nature and degree of severity of the documented disability. While the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that priority consideration be given to the specific methods requested by the student, it does not imply that a particular accommodation must be granted if it is deemed not reasonable and other suitable techniques are available.

Intake and Academic Accommodation Process

Schedule an intake interview with a Disability Support Services (DSS) Counselor in a timely manner (DSS contacts)

Provide appropriate disability documentation (Documentation of disability)

          DSS Counselor reviews and evaluates documentation

          Meet with DSS counselor to determine reasonable accommodations

          Notification of Academic Accommodation letters emailed to faculty and student

          Student and Faculty discuss Academic Accommodations during first week of class

In providing academic accommodations, MCC is not required to lower or effect substantial modifications to essential requirements. For example, although MCC may be required to provide extended time, it is not required to change the substantive content of the test. In addition, MCC does not have to make modifications that would fundamentally alter the nature of a service, program or activity that would result undue financial or administrative burdens. MCC is not required to provided personal attendants, individually prescribed devices, readers for personal use or study, or other devices or services of a personal nature such as tutoring or typing.

The identification and disclosure of any disability is considered confidential. The information is released to other MCC employees, on a need to know basis, with a "Consent Form/Release of Information" signed by the student. There are limits to the confidentiality of student records as outlined in the College's "Procedures under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act" document. (Procedures Memorandum Index V-1)


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