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Recycle MCC recycles as a standard way of doing business. We think it is better to keep material out of the landfill and in a productive role in our economy. It is the right thing to do, and it makes great business sense. To help make recycling easy for our busy students, faculty and staff, MCC has implemented single-stream recycling in our commons and offices. Single-stream recycling means all recyclable material goes into one container (except glass), and every desk has a blue recycling bin to make it more convenient to do the right thing.


Where to Recycle

  • Blue deskside bins in office areas
  • Silver containers in Commons area

recycling bin

What Is Recycled?


    gable-top and asceptic

*If food is present, lightly rinse food off of plastic or metal containers before recycling them.


What Is Not Recycled (Trash = landfill)?

  • Food or liquid
  • Tissue or paper towel
  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Construction materials
  • Plastic bags (Many retailers provide recycling receptacles for plastic bags)
  • Food wrappers
  • Hardcover books with cover intact


Where Does It Go?

  • Our recyclables go to Firstar Fiber where they are sorted at the facility and packaged for shipping and sent to processing facilities.


Printer & Copier Toner Cartridge Recycling

  • Return your empty printer toner, copier toner, and ink cartridges to Office Depot.
    • Office Depot delivery drivers can pick up any empty cartridges for recycling from your office any time a delivery is made.  An ink and toner recycling box is also available at no charge for storing the cartridges in between times of delivery.  The ink cartridge recycle box can be ordered through the Office Depot catalogue.  There is also an Office Depot “Green Office” catalogue available for more environmentally friendly purchasing.


CD (compact disk) Recycling

  • Send CD's to Campus Planning & Sustainability Department (FOC 14N) through campus mail. The CD's are forwarded to the CD Recycling Center at The H-Group, whose programs help children and adults with special needs.



  • Alkaline batteries - MCC's three-fold approach:
    • First, avoid battery use by eliminating as many products that require battery use as possible.
    • For necessary battery-required products, use rechargeable batteries. They are most cost-effective in the long term.
    • The best solution for spent single-use alkaline batteries is to simply throw them in the trash, MCC does not offer a recycling option because it is not necessary or cost-effective.
  • Rechargeable batteries - Drop them off at any MCC Campus Police office.
    • rechargable batteriesRechargeable batteries are sent to Call2Recycle (www.call2recycle.org), an organization created in 1994 and funded by battery and product manufacturers to raise awareness about the importance of battery recycling and to promote product stewardship initiatives. See where the batteries go.
  • When at home, batteries can be recycled for free at any Omaha area Batteries Plus location

The 2002 Battery Act phased out the use of mercury in batteries, leaving them effectively harmless. Though batteries still contain trace amounts of zinc, cadmium, nickel, copper, lithium, and manganese, these are naturally found in the earth so are not hazardous. There is such a small amount of recoverable material in alkaline batteries that recycling is not feasible when considering the energy required to recover and transport the material.


Cell Phones

  • For proper recycling of cell phones, drop them off at any MCC Campus Police office.



  • Household hazardous waste
    Open to Douglas and Sarpy County residents only, Under the Sink is a facility that stores hazardous household materials such as paint thinner, lawn chemicals, drain cleaner, pesticides, etc. until they can be picked up and properly recycled or disposed of by a separate waste disposal facility. To learn how Under the Sink can take harmful chemicals off your hands, visit www.underthesink.org.
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