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Energy By developing and implementing an energy management strategy, MCC is working to save money, protect the environment and reduce our risks in a volatile energy market. Energy consumption produces the most significant environmental impact associated with campus operations. MCC recognizes there is a need to operate campus buildings and equipment in an energy-efficient manner and to employ conservation measures wherever possible.


What Is MCC Doing?

  • MCC has implemented 'Temperature Goals' to maintain comfort and reduce energy at MCC's facilities. These are the temperature set points that will be maintained in our buildings, determined by the season, comfort ranges, and hours of use.
  • As MCC remodels and retrofits our aging buildings, energy-efficient HVAC equipment and lighting is being installed to reduce MCC's energy consumption.
  • All new construction is LEED Certified.
  • A Solar Lab is available at FOC, as well as a solar-tracking photovoltaic system at SOC for students to learn about Renewable Energy technology.
  • The South Omaha Campus Connector building has occupancy sensors installed to minimize lights left on where they are not needed.
  • Using real-time energy monitoring, the College is better able to monitor and manage energy use across multiple locations.
  • Variable frequency drive motors are being installed where practical and as funding allows.


What Can You Do?



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