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Sustainability Credit Classes


Automotive Technology (AUTT) Courses

Auto Students

AUTT 2900 Introduction to Biofuels

This course provides basic information about the history, production, use and future potential for biofuels in the modern transportation system. Students follow current news articles to gain an understanding of the field and keep up with the rapidly expanding and advancing biofuels industry.


Biology (BIOS) Courses

BIOS 1010 Introduction to Biology

This course focuses on types of energy and its uses. Students also explore ways to recycle renewable energy sources.


Biology Students

BIOS 1110 Biology 1

Biology I students study the cycles by which elements and molecules are consumed, retained, recycled and replenished as well as human impact on these cycles.


BIOS 2150 Microbiology

Microbiology students learn about the use of plants and microorganisms in the development of fuel alternatives (bio fuel), the removal of hazardous substances from soil (bioremediation) and the conversion of nitrogen gas into plant nutrients (N2 fixation).


Electrical Technology (ELTR) Courses

ELTR 2900 Solar Energy Design and Installation

This course is the hands-on design and installation course for solar energy. The course provides definitions and concepts for active solar (air, water and electric). Applications of solar principles, practices and installation techniques for space heating, domestic hot water and electrical are discussed. Additional topics include installation safety and best practices.


ELTR 2900 Solar Electric Installation

Students in this class will gain background and experience in solar electric (photovoltaic (PV)) installation. Students will participate with hands-on learning with the installation of Nebraska's largest solar electric installation on site at Creighton University. There will be some classroom lecture held at MCC's South Omaha Campus and hands-on learning at Creighton University's Campus.


Industrial and Commercial Trades (INCT) Courses

INCT 1301 Home Maintenance Carpentry

This course teaches general door and window installation, home insulation and other energy-saving skills essential to building sustainable housing and green homes.


INCT 1050 Problem Solving

This course uses The Green Book to teach students simple adjustments in everyday living that can have a major effect on the health of the planet.


INCT 2235 PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) Applications

This advanced PLC course focuses on computer programming development to increase the efficiency of operations and manufacturing, thereby reducing harmful emissions and wasted energy associated with such processes.


INCT 2900 8A Introduction to Commercial Building Energy Efficiency

Home Maintenance Student

This course is designed to introduce students to the benefits and barriers of commercial building energy efficiency through an in-depth look into EPA's ENERGY STAR program. Topics will include, but are not limited to, current trends in commercial building energy efficiency, transforming the market with ENERGY STAR, ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management, rating building energy efficiency with Portfolio Manager, best energy efficiency practices, engaging employees in energy conservation and tracking energy savings and greenhouse emissions reductions over time. This course will include hands-on learning opportunities such as measuring the energy use of an actual building and identifying energy efficiency opportunities.


Sociology (SOCI) Courses

SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology

This introductory course helps students to understand the negative impact of human behavior and resulting carbon dioxide emissions on earth's climate and what this means for all things living.


SOCI 2050 Social Problems

This course continues to educate students on the harmful effects of human consumption on earth's nonrenewable resources and implications for current and future ways of life.


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