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Hospitality and Restaurant Leadership

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What is 'Hospitality and Restaurant Leadership'? (CHRM)

The Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College consists of two programs, "Culinary Arts and Management" & "Hospitality and Restaurant Leadership". Both of these degrees have various options you can find on the links below. Your hands-on experience takes place in a state-of-the-art amazing facility. Should you choose to further your education, your credits can transfer to the University of Nebraska and other four year institutions.

What Degrees are Available?

Hospitality and Restaurant Leadership (CHRAS)

     Food and Event Management (CHFA1)

     Hospitality Entrepreneurship (CHBA1)

Course Requirements Overview

Is it for you?

We give you Passion. It is all about Passion. Passion to cook, Passion to serve others, and Passion to make others smile. It is about sacrifice and commitment. It is about rewards, satisfaction and happy people. We give you the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. No matter where you are, or your stage of life. You can work anywhere in the world, in a variety of settings: hotels, restaurants, country clubs, cruise ships, military bases, commissaries, hospitals, assisted living facilities, catering, universities and manufacturing facilities.

Set your sights on becoming a research chef, owning an independent restaurant, bake shop, chocolate shop or catering business.

Many of the degree options are accredited by the American Culinary Federation Accreditation Commission, and the ICA has been rated among the top Culinary Schools in the U.S. Metropolitan Community College has been an accredited institution since 1975.

The Institute for the Culinary Arts is proud to be associated with several National Associations. Being involved keeps our regional and local faculty current with the industry.

Jobs and Salary Expectations

An Executive Chef in the Midwest could potentially make up to $95,000 annually. The average Executive Chef makes about $60,000. A Research Chef can make over $100,000. An Executive Pastry chef makes over $70,000. With proper training, experience and determination, it is possible to have a rewarding career and good pay.

Program Faculty and Staff

Beth Augustyn
Joellen Zuk

Credit Classes and Registration

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