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The common policies affecting the classroom are listed below. Refer to  College Procedures Memorandums (PMs) for a complete listing of polices and procedures.

Acceptance of Gifts

In accordance with Board policy, faculty are not authorized to accept gifts from any student, group, or entity doing or desiring to do business with the College

Drug Free Workplace

MCC is committed to maintaining an educational environment and workplace free of alcohol and illegal drugs for its students, employees, and visitors. The College's steps in implementing the requirements of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (as amended) are outlined in Prodedures Memorandum VI-30.  Procedures Memorandum X-5 established procedues to ensure compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act (as amended). Detailed information concerning standards of conduct, legal basis, disciplinary sanctions, and drug and alcohol services can be found in the Drug Free Schools and Community Act Handbook

Children on Campus

For respect of all students, safety and liability, children not registered in MCC classes are not permitted to attend class with an adult student or be left unattended on College campuses. Politely remind your students of this policy and ask them to leave class with his/her child. Faculty are not authorized to make exceptions.

Code of Ethics

Staff and faculty members are expected to maintain a professional attitude toward their students, their colleagues, and the College in a manner that promotes valuing diversity.

Harrassment Policy

Harrassment (sexual, racial, religious or harrassment based on age, national origin, martial status, ethnicity or disability) is a form of discrimination. Both males and females can be victimized. Such behavior is not condoned by MCC and should not be tolerated in classrooms. Examples include:

  • Unwelcome offensive/sexual conduct/behavior
  • Insulting or derogatory names, gestures or language
  • Display of offensive written, graphic or pictorial material
  • Unwanted contact with a person's body including touching, groping, pinching, fondling or brushing against
  • Unwelcome crude, sexual or offensive stories or jokes
  • Use of sexual, racial, ethnic, religion-based, disability-based or age-based remarks
  • Unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors
  • Verbal threats of violence

Students seeking information may be referred to the Student Services director on the campus where the harrassment occurred - FOC (402) 457-2701, SOC (402) 738-4607, or EVC (402) 289-1416.

Employees should report the situation to the Director of Human Resources. In lieu of or in addition to, these individuals may contact their immediate supervisor, or if the complaint involves the supervisor, they may contact the next level of supervision. Copies of MCC's formal procedures are availab at Human Resources located at FOC Bldg. 32, (402) 457-2420.


It is imperative that all College employees understand and accept the responsibility of working with confidential student records. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) mandate that student academic records be kept in confidence. For full information, refer to the FERPA Guidelines.

Inclement Weather

During inclement weather conditions, classes or other College activities may have to be canceled or delayed. Because weather conditions may vary within the College area, it may be necessary to cancel or delay some classes or activities while other campuses or locations continue to operate. Please check with your local television or radio stations for updates.  You may also contact the MCC Weather Hotline at (402) 457-2499 for recorded messages regarding cancellations or delay of classes, or visit the MCC website for weather-related messages in the browser window. Please refer to the Inclement Weather handbook for specific details. 

Please check the Adjunct Faculty Handbook for additional information on this topic.

Updated 2/22/12

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