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Academic Advising and Counseling

MCC has professional academic advisors and counselors available at all three campuses and three centers to help students with questions on MCC's 100+ programs or transfer programs/courses. Faculty may refer a student to an advisor or counselor to seek assistance with the following issues. For more information please visit the Student Services website. 

Academic Advisor:

  • Provides information on policies, procedures, and programs:
    • How to drop/add/delete a course and deadlines to do each
    • Payment policy and deadlines
    • Late registration
    • Grade appeals
    • Graduation process and degree audits
  • Facilitates student development in decision making
  • Offers long-range program planning
  • Discusses schedule and course selections
  • Works with students who need to complete a Financial Aid Appeal
  • Assists students in making contact with other offices within the College



  • Assist students with all the adviser responsibilities listed above, but also do:
    • Provides career counseling
    • Assist in crisis reduction/counseling
    • Offers additional services
    • Provides different counselor positions offering specific services
      • Academic counselors - serve students who are in developmetnal courses, AIM program, ESL students and paired learning courses
      • Disability Support Services counselors (DSS) - provide access and support services to students with documented disabilities.  For more information, please see Disability Support Services website. 


The following on-campus bookstores are opened throughout the term. Hours are posted at each store and vary during peak times. The Follett Higher Education Group manages and operates the bookstores under contract with MCC. MCC faculty choose the textbooks but do not set the prices. Problems concerning the bookstores should be addressed with your Dean.

  • EVC - (402) 289-1208
  • FOC, building #10 - (402) 457-2308
  • SOC, Connector building - (402) 738-4508
  • Sarpy Center - (402) 537-3850

A temporary bookstore is also located at the beginning of each quarter at the Fremont Area and Applied Technology Centers.  Textbooks for off-campus and e-learning courses must be purchased at the SOC bookstore.  ATC books are also availabel through the FOC bookstore. 

Copy Machines and Copy Center

Adjunct faculty may use any of the copymachines located in Student Services for small jobs (fewer than 100 copies) during office hours at ATC, EVC, FRC, SOC MHY, SOC CON, SRP and WCC.  Faculty may go to any locatin to make copies. In emergency situations, Student Services may also assist adjunct faculty by making copies for the class; contact Student Services or the appropraite academic dean's office to ask about turn-around times. 

The copy machine for adjunct faculty use at FOC is located in Bldg., 10, Room 104 in the conference area.  Contact the FOC campus dean's office for the combination to access Room 104 or for supplies or assistance with the copy machines. The copy machine for adjunct faculty use at SOC is located in faculty areas in MHY Room 110 and CON Room 232.  At FRC, adjunct faculty may use the copier in room 204. An additional copier for faculty use at SRP is in room 128. 

The main Copy Center (FOC Bldg 25) is equipped to handle larger jobs and offers a variety of options such as transparencies, folding, binding (hot glue or comb), copies on colored paper (blue, green, pink or yellow) and color copies from an original document or an electronic documetn sent via email.  Send the orignal document(s) along with the completed Duplicating Request Form (including the fund-location-cost center) to the Copy Center. The Duplicating Request Form is avalable from the Forms Bank or from Student Services. 


Instructional Design Services (IDS)

IDS is the key faculty resource for applying the latest technologies and strategies in teaching and learning.  IDS:

  1. Consults with faculty on the best use of instructional media and technology in the classroom and online
  2. Produces instructional videos, graphics and digital media for online and on-campus courses
  3. Provides technical support for special events and activities
  4. Conducts workshops and hands-on training on the latest learning technologies, presentation software and web tools
  5. Promotes, supports, and partners with administrators, faculty, and students to leverage the best use of media technologies
  6. Is committed to quality, service, and innovation

Online Courses

Online credit courses are equivlent to on-campus courses and maintain the same academic standard in content, assignments and credit. ANGEL is the learner management and delivery tool MCC uses to deliver online courses. ANGEL integrates a suite of course tools to ensure an invigorating online learning experience that encourages active participation and interaction with other students.

Technology Classrooms

Many classrooms have been equipped with up-to-date technology.

  • An MCC account is requied to use the computers; contact the appropriate academic dean's office for an account.
  • Technology classroom orientation is arranged by calling IDS at (402) 457-2870.
  • Troubleshooting operational and technical problems in the technology classroom is available by calling the Helpdesk at (402) 457-2900.
  • For coursework or software to be loaded on the techroom computer, it is necessary to complete and submit the Request to Load Non-Standard Software Form at least three weeks before software is needed.
  • Report equipment problems to the Helpdesk at (402) 457-2900.

Website Development

Faculty interested in developing a faculty course portal website can obtain assistance from IDS.


IDS produces MCC's cable television programs that feature lively interviews and information about MCC, its people and College activites. Typical programs highlight academic and career programs, as well as local events. Tune in to Cox Communications channel 18 or Qwest Choice TV channel 25. Contact John McAdam at (402) 457-2869 with ideas for future shows.

For more information about IDS services, contact the Secretary to the Director of Technology-enhanced Learning at (402) 457-2899 or drichardson@mccneb.edu. 

Library Services

Library staff members work closely with faculty to instruct students in finding, evaluating and using information effectively. The libraries offer collections of various materials including books, periodicals and online databases that have been selected to support the programs offered at the College.  The campus library supervisors encourage faculty to contact them to set up instructional sessions or for their students to discuss materials to be added to the collection.  A full listing of library services, locations and hours can be found on the Library website. 


Adjunct faculty will be provided a mailbox at each on-campus location the faculty member is teaching at during the quarter. The mailbox locations at each campus are as follows:

FOC:   FOC 10, Room 104 (except for Culinary adjuncts FOC 22 Room 111

SOC:  MHY Room 110 or CON Room 232

EVC:   EVC Room 234

SRP:   SRP Room 128

FRC:   FRC Room 120b

ATC:   ATC Room 100

WCC:  No mail service at WCC

Mailboxes are not provided at off-campus locations. If a faculty member is teaching at both an on-campus and an off-campus location, the faculty member's mailbox will be located at the on-campus location. If a faculty member is teaching only at an off-campus location, contact the appropriate dean's office to arrange for a mailbox at any of the on-campus locations. 


Mailing Labels

Faculty can request mailing labels by logging into MCC's Colleague UI system.  Go to the Faculty Menu XFC and select Section Labels - email XSEL.  The Course Section Look Up dialog box opens.  Enter the course section needed (e.g., 11/FA INFO 1001 1A) and press Enter.  Click Update.  A Microsoft Word document will be emailed to you.  Go to your Outlook and open the Word document.  Print document on 5160 Avery labels.

For faculty without access to a LaserJet printer, email Earlene Brittingham at ebrittingham@mccneb.edu; specify the course number and section, your name, phone number and/or email for Management Information Services to contact with questions.  Also provide the campus location of your mailbox.  Allow at least three days for the labels to be delivered.

Mailing Procedures

Intercampus and U.S. mail are picked up and delivered at least once each day by the mailroom staff. Pickup/delivery sites are located at each campus in Student Services.  Intercampus mail envelopes and labels are available in Student Services. For U.S. mail, use a self-sealing envelope and seal the envelope. If you use an envelope with a clasp, put tape across the clasp.

Math Centers

Math Centers offer free support to students in all levels of mathematics courses taught at MCC.  Students who to go to a Math Center can expect:

Drop-in assistance from qualified personnel

To work together in small groups or in regular study groups on math projects

Tutorial software to refresh skills or develop new skills

To use math textbooks or solution manuals while working int eh center

Video lectures from their current textbook.

Information on locations, hours and additional services can be found on the Math Center website. 

Organizations, Clubs and Honor Societies

Faculty and students are encouraged to participate in an activity designed to complement instructional programs. Information about MCC 's organizations, clubs, and honor societies are available on the Student Life web site. 

Room Keys & Door Combinations

Contact a Public Safety officer to unlock classrooms or laboratories to use the room during normal hours of operation. If you would like to obtain a key for the office, classroom and/or laboratory area, complete a Key Request Form available on the adjunct faculty web site at www.mccneb.edu/adjunct or in Student Services and submit the form to your dean. Some classrooms are locked using a combination keypad. To obtain the combination for a classroom, contact Student Services staff at each campus.

SharePoint Web Site

A SharePoint web site provides powerful and flexible collaboration and communication capabilities to keep departments/units connected. Members stay informed and up-to-date more easily as they articulate issues and strategies, develop consensus and share vision and responsibilities. By using built-in alert capabilities, users can be notified when information is added, modified or deleted. Announcements, surveys and discussion boards keep staff members informed. Users can create shared meeting workspaces to manage agenda items and follow-up actions. If you are interested in requesting a SharePoint site, send an email to the Help Desk (helpdesk@mccneb.edu).

Student Services

Student Service offices are located at ATC, EVC, FOC, Fremont, Bellevue, Sarpy and SOC.  Student Services provides a variety of support services to Adjunct Faculty.

Adjunct Faculty also have access to the photocopy machines, supplies and mailboxes located in Student Services based on the hours Student Services is open.


Updated 2/22/12


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