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Academic Council


Primary function: Serve as the primary council body in the College’s Employee Involvement System to consider issues related to teaching and learning.

Specific functions:

  • Identifies important issues related to teaching and learning.
  • Reviews curriculum procedures and changes to curriculum procedures.
  • Considers issues and recommendations including but not limited to those raised by the Outcomes Assessment Committee, Learning-Community Steering Panels, and the Faculty Ex Officio Member of the Board of Governors.
  • Creates ad-hoc charter groups to explore key issues related to teaching and learning.
  • Makes recommendations to Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Reports Council activities to constituents.

Reports to: Thomas McDonnell, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

Chair: Faculty member elected annually by Council membership - Laura Chambers



  • Dean of Math and Natural Sciences - Mike Flesch
  • Dean of Business and Human Services - Daryl Hansen

Faculty representatives from each of the following areas:

  • Applied Technology - Don Gilliland 
  • Business and Human Services - Liliana Petersen
  • Culinary, Hospitality, and Horticulture - Steve Bell
  • English, English-as-a-Second-Language, and Reading - Deb Holst
  • Health and Public Services - Candy Ryan
  • Humanities and Visual Arts - Laura Chambers (chair)
  • Information Technology & E-Learning - Mary Vorpi
  • Literacy and Workplace Skills - Tammy Madsen
  • Math and Natural Sciences - Rachel Neurath
  • Social Sciences - Jim Van Arsdall 
  • Curriculum Design Studio - Cindy Catherwood
  • Adjunct Faculty (general ed/transfer area) - Molly Dewell
  • Adjunct Faculty (career program area) - Don Glenn 

Non-voting members:

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs - Tom McDonnell
  • Faculty Ex officio - Al Cox
  • Past Chair of the Council - Steve Lovett
  • Secretary for the Council - Sally Swanger

Steering Committee comprised of Council chair, one full-time faculty member, and one administrator.

Academic Council Meeting Minutes

Academic Council Charter

Academic Council Annual Summaries

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